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Marcus Hernandez and Orchestra Fuego - 'Feliz Navidad' con Edwin Lebron

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

By Vaibhav Thomas & Staff

Feliz Navidad has been captivating listeners for years with its joyful, nostalgic, and infectious energy. Throughout time, we've seen various renditions of José Feliciano's composition, spanning from EDM to pop to metal. Cover versions aim to offer something familiar in a fresh and unexpected way. However, they may or may not align with the original composer's vision. On the other hand, there are arrangements that manage to strike a delightful balance between honoring the composer's vision and introducing something new and surprising, seamlessly blending with the song – a challenging feat. This is precisely what Marcus Hernandez's Orchestra Fuego achieves with Carlos Infante's arrangement of Feliz Navidad.

Orchestra Fuego, the world's top-ranked independent Salsa band, has arranged the carol in the key of D Major, returning to its roots (Feliciano had expressed that Feliz Navidad originated from the "joy felt on Christmas" while he was "lonely and missed his family"). Orchestra Fuego successfully infuses this sentiment into the new arrangement, resulting in a performance filled with joy, nostalgia, and upbeat energy. The arrangement blends Salsa and Jazz, adding a contemporary touch with vocal harmonies and delightful ad-libs.

From the very start, the arrangement establishes a foot-tapping rhythm with the brass ensemble, piano, and Latin percussion. Edwin Lebron's masterful yet down-to-earth vocals lead the way, delivering the classic with a chorus-verse structure that varies with each rendition, thanks to the lively instrumental arrangement and harmonious chords.

The latter part of the rendition takes the carol even higher with improvised lyrics that serve as a sequel to the original, accompanied by trombone solos and vocal ad-libs merging with the energetic chorus chants of "Navidad." This unique approach elevates the arrangement. The exceptional mixing quality ensures that the vocals blend seamlessly with the instruments, enhancing the dynamic range and overall quality. Each instrument in the arrangement has its voice and grandeur and energy that contemporary listeners can appreciate.

Orchestra Fuego's rendition of Feliz Navidad has a duration of four minutes and twenty-five seconds, making it one of the most delightful and breezy interpretations of this holiday classic. It's a remarkable addition to the Salsa repertoire, showcasing that when songs are rearranged while considering the balance between the composer's original vision and the preferences of modern audiences, they truly stand out. This rendition is a winner in every sense of the word, capturing the spirit of the holiday season and offering a fresh perspective that appeals to all.


About Orchestra Fuego Orchestra Fuego, the scorching-hot Florida-based Salsa band, has ascended from modest origins to become one of the most cherished and highly sought-after Salsa ensembles not only in America but also across South America, Europe, and even Japan. Their remarkable journey has earned them the prestigious title of the Number One independent Salsa Band in the world, as recognized by IMC, ReverbNation, and Spotify. With their infectious rhythms and upbeat original Latin compositions, Orchestra Fuego has embarked on a sensational mission to carve out a distinctive niche within the Salsa genre, captivating audiences far and wide. From their humble beginnings, Orchestra Fuego's dedication to their craft and their passion for Salsa music have propelled them to incredible heights. They have transcended borders and cultural boundaries, spreading their musical magic across continents. Their melodies are a celebration of life, and their performances are a vibrant expression of joy and unity. With every note they play and every beat they deliver, Orchestra Fuego ignites the flames of passion and excitement, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of their listeners. As they continue to blaze a trail through the Salsa music scene, this dynamic ensemble reminds us that music has the power to connect people, transcend languages, and bring joy to the world. Orchestra Fuego is not just a band; they are a force of nature, and their journey is an inspiring testament to the enduring power of music to uplift and unite.

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