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  • Bryon Harris

Main Focus – ‘Running Grace’

Joshua Ewes, aka Main Focus, is a gospel songwriter and singer working in hip hop, rap, and trap music. He is a native of Nigeria and is currently based in Italy.

“Running Grace” is a track by Main Focus, and produced by Frizzy D and Jayslot. The track showcases not only Main Focus’ talent as a rapper, but also his ability as a vocalist. In addition, the track’s production is top-notch. The track’s beat is catchy, and the melodic elements hook the listener in and move the track forward. The background vocals are meaningful, and effectively support Main Focus’ performance.

"If i sleep for groud to dey praise am. My praises nor go reach to adore am. For waitin he don do for my life..."

With his music, Main Focus’ mission is to be “motivating, inspiring, and enhancing faith” to his listeners, and that is the message behind the track’s lyrics. With “Running Grace,” Main Focus speaks about the grace of God and God’s impact on his life journey.

“Running Grace” by Main Focus is an example of thoughtful and intelligent rap. Main Focus’ artistry is of the highest caliber, and it is clear that he strives to connect and relate to his audience. His work is honest and sets a high bar in the hip hop, rap, and trap music scene.

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