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  • Bryon Harris

“Lyla” by Funky Fresh

Review by Abby Kenna

“Lyla” by Funky Fresh is a gripping instrumental journey, leading listeners through three acts of cinematic musicality. It begins with an overture that steadily builds, drawing back the metaphorical curtains slowly yet intentionally. The gradual illumination of the instrumentals renders them fit for a movie’s opening credits, creating an air of heartwarming anticipation.

Funky Fresh is especially deliberate with the way he blankets his arrangement in tiny details that add color and emotion to “Lyla”. Twinkling overtop of waves of violins, a glimmer of chimes add magical brightness to the piece. Similarly, beneath the full-bodied cellos, percussive elements boom in the low end, filling every inch of the soundscape with emotion.

Twirling throughout the body of the arrangement, Funky Fresh adds cascading piano melodies, tiptoeing back and forth between consonant and dissonant notes to add tension. Each of these elements work in tandem to create a fluid, constantly shifting song that travels through an array of emotion in only three minutes.

Another aspect of “Lyla” that contributes to its cinematic nature is the loose sections that embody different stages of feeling. Funky Fresh opens the piece with light, hopeful affection, familiarizing listeners with the core of the piece before trekking through new ground.

The second section features woodwinds, that introduce an airy ambience that has a breeze of turmoil rippling throughout it. The melodies become more fervent, full of yearning now rather than lightness.

Finally, the ending gathers the entire ensemble into a grand conclusion. Bits of each section play simultaneously, creating a vibrant contrast of emotion. Rich horn parts are the voice of nostalgia, filling the piece with warmth. Suddenly, “Lyla” ends on a cliff hanger, the swift silence allowing the final notes to ring out.

Funky Fresh has poured their heart into this stirring piece, and listeners are sure to be drawn into the vividness of “Lyla”.


About Funky Fresh

At a very young age, Funky Fresh decided to write music oriented towards films, series, games, trailers, commercials, and has not stopped playing, making music, and perfecting his craft ever since. Nick Schulte , born on the 12th of November 1998 in The Netherlands, adopted the producer's name “Funky Fresh” to bring creative, distinctive, original, mesmerizing sounds and music styles for the most fantasized stories, ideas, feelings, and images for the people to experience.

Nowadays Nick prefers to compose and produce in basically all genres. He thinks it is great to realize what music can actually do to cause real emotions and feelings. Nick is always very excited to work with industry professionals, artists, and others for new and future projects. He is very dedicated, easy to work with, down-to-earth, and began releasing music passionately to share narratives with the world.

Check out Funky Fresh's links to streaming platforms and social media at Artist Link.

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