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LTTLE KNG- 'Blend'

LTTLE KNG is a producer based on the East Coast of New South Wales, Austrailia who combines flavors of minimal-soul, hip-hop and pop to create his own unforgettable vibe. Influenced by artists like John Mayer, Tom Misch, Fat Freddy's Drop & Chet Faker, LTTLE KNG is at ease blending genres. Growing up, he attended music festivals as a "roady" at 11 years of age, immersing himself in the sounds of jazz, blues and world music, as well as playing in the church band, where he put his hand to drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocals. At 19 he began performing solo & band shows up and down the East Coast and has never looked back. Since then, Josh has performed shows alongside the likes of Guy Sebastien, Kirk Pengilly (INXS), Donovan Frankenreiter, Wolfmother, The Preatures & The Black Sorrows. Having just signed his first publishing deal with MGM Distribution, LTTLE KNG has teamed up with Alex Gooden (SAFIA) to produce a host of singles for release in the second half of 2020, with his first release ’Blend’ ready for the masses.

“Blend” is a sensational pop song with a radio-ready sound that will have you putting the song on repeat after your first listen. Sleek, lo-fi inspired production opens the track with layers of padded synths backed by hi-hats and snare with an ambiance of tape hiss and crackle adding depth and color to the track. A juicy guitar solo adds flavor to the track's interlude. 'LTTLE KNGs modern sound has universal appeal a smooth chill-pop sound and an addictive groove.

After a brief moment, the drums lead a pick-up into the first verse with the addition of kick drum adding a beating pulse to the heart of the track. LTTLE KNG then graces the track with his vocals that have a rich timbre yet are light and airy as he smoothly serenades listeners throughout the song.

“Blend” is all about reflecting on yourself and making a connection with someone else. In the verses, LTTLE KNG contemplates his past mistakes, choices, and relationships and ties together these messages in the chorus an unforgettable chorus singing,

“Every word we’ve spoken, / Fixing what is broken / Still don’t know but hoping / We always blend when we’re better.”

With top-notch production and a stellar vocal performance, it would be no surprise to hear LTTLE KNG and “Blend” playing on your local hit radio station. You will definitely want to keep an ear out for LTTLE KNG and any of his new releases! LTTLE KNG is a pop artist to watch.

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