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Lovella - 'Mary Did You Know'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Lovella ushers in Christmas with their gorgeous arrangement of "Mary Did You Know." With a sound that will warm your spirit, Josh Volkov gently sings the first line of the verse as Merisa Torneo follows behind him with the second line. Lovella's rich harmonies echo as they sing the chorus. The piano and acoustic guitar softly come in as the drums picks up the groove in the chorus. Josh and Merisa's performance is heartwarming, and the instrumentation is beautiful.

"Mary Did You Know" is a timeless song that addresses Mary, Jesus' mother, and asks her if she knows her child is the Messiah. The message is pure and gentle. Josh and Merisa's performance is pristine with their tight harmonies and smooth as silk vibratos. They keep the spirit and love of the song intact while adding their own passionate style. Their angelic voices come together perfectly as they sing the chorus, "Did you know that your baby boy has walked where angels trod? When you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God."

Lovella is a stellar duo with passionate artistry. Their music will touch your soul this Christmas and remind you of the joy this holiday brings. "Mary Did You Know" is a beautiful song and Josh and Merisa are the perfect duo to deliver the song.

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About Lovella

Lovella is Josh Volkov & Merisa Torneo. Josh and Merisa are not only musical partners but also partners in life. We've all heard music is the language of the heart and soul, it's amazing how songs have such power to influence our lives! We are passionate about writing songs that embody all of life's experiences. The first kiss, the first fight, the fun times filled with laughter, to how to get up when so many things can weigh your heart down.

For more information about Novella, please visit their website.


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