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Lorna Lovell – 'Sand in Heaven'

Lorna Lovell’s “Sand In Heaven” is a moving song with compelling vocals and memorable melodies that are sure to catch your ear. A sound of ocean water is heard as the song opens with soft, wavy layers of guitar accompanied by light, ambient chords on piano. Lorna enters for the first verse of this soft arrangement with bright, crisp vocals that sweetly glide across the melodic phrasing.

Written and sung by Lorna Lovell, and produced and engineered by Clint Curtis at Sevenview Studios, Clint plays guitars, bass, keyboards and sings background vocals. Joining Lorna and Clint, Steve Clarke is on drums. As the song moves forward, it gradually builds towards the chorus where the entrance of a gritty electric guitar adds a new, pleasing texture to the arrangement as she sings,

“Don't forget me out here all alone / Far away on this God-forsaken shore / Please tell me that we're finally going home / Isn't that what we were fighting for / And all I need to know is all of this forgiven / And is there sand in heaven”

With the start of the second verse, the addition of percussion pumps new energy into the arrangement for a rocking vibe while the fullness of Lorna’s vocals cut through with heart-wrenching lyrics and memorable melodies.

"Sand in Heaven" was inspired by the brave soldiers of D-Day. Against all obstacles, they arrived on sandy shores in 1945 to liberate France, and later Europe, from Nazi Germany. Lorna captures the emotions of our internal and external wars. She sings about the feelings of loneliness. the yearning to go home, and the desire for forgiveness. The lyrics are both poetic and spiritual in nature.

"Sand in Heaven" by Lorna Lovell is a lovely tribute to veterans and military heroes and it is also a reminder that when we are fighting internal wars, peace can be found. With heartfelt music, inspirational lyrics, and a tender vocal performance, "Sand in Heaven" washes over you like a gentle wave while it's warm performance shines rays of light with peace and forgiveness found within, at home, and in heaven.

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About Lorna Lovell

Lorna Lovell is a singer/songwriter from Newfoundland’s West coast. A true island girl, she was born and raised in a tiny fishing community on the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador. Inspired by her music-filled upbringing and songwriter father, Gordon Lovell, whose genres were gospel and folk, Lorna's love of singing and creative writing organically transitioned into songwriting in 2007. Her sound has been described as modern country with hints of pop, rock and blues. Today, her catalog boasts over 80 songs. She showcases her original work at festivals, pubs, theaters, church, radio and television, she has even performed in a wigwam! She has also been featured on 3 episodes of Village Beat on Rogers Cable. Lorna's debut modern country album, Whenever I Sing (February 2020), features 10 original songs that are meant to uplift, inspire and entertain



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