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  • Bryon Harris

Little Perks in Paradise - 'Mother Nature Reconnect'

Review by Abby Kenna

“Mother Nature Reconnect” is a vibrant song drawing on a melting pot of roots influences and modern production techniques. The artist, Little Perks in Paradise delivers an important message through a catchy tune.

The bluesy folk song opens with an organic unveiling of energy. It starts with a bass and drum riff that plods along joyfully, soon to be joined by an animated strummed guitar. Melding together sunnily, soon the vocals fade in overtop. The vocalist of Little Perks in Paradise sings with the warmth of country charm, accentuating lyrics with a quick twang. At the final hook of the chorus, Michelle Huber adds pointed harmonies to both lend a dynamic transition into the next verse, but also to emphasize the key message of the song:

“Where are we now? / What have we done?

Tell me now, / How do we reconnect?”

Reminiscent of the 60s and 70s folk anthems, “Mother Nature Reconnect” braids an urgent social message into a buoyant, cheerful sonic palette. The energetic, welcoming nature of the song invites you to consider the brevity lyrical message with ease. Additionally, the background vocals add movement to the soundscape, simultaneously recoloring each new section and building upon the song’s growing intensity. These subtle extensions within the arrangement allow “Mother Nature Reconnect” to flourish as it continues, paving the way for Little Perks in Paradise’s intention to be embraced.

“The Earth is your sister / she loves you just because /

Take a look around / can’t you see, can’t you hear that sound? /

the time is now…”

At the final chorus, all of the instruments drop out, and an array of vocals fill the track. It’s hard to resist clapping along as if you heard “Mother Nature Reconnect” live in concert. Little Perks in Paradise perfectly blends live music's high spirits with lyrical sincerity to create a purposeful yet danceable tune.


About Little Perks in Paradise

Atlanta native Songwriter Scott Perkins has written more than a hundred songs since 1972. His secret identity as a Fiduciary Consultant only adds to the mystery. The jazz-rooted rhythm section of Joe Little (Bass) and Mark Paradiso (Drums) have added massive positive value in arranging and producing these Acoustic Indie Americana originals as Little Perks in Paradise (get it?) Michele Huber lends her powerhouse vocals to create a blend that is both fun and good for you.

For more music from Little Perks in Paradise, please visit Soundcloud.


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