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Lisa Lim - 'Ebb and Flow'

Hailing from Fredericksburg, VA, Lisa Lim is a nationally recognized performing artist who is known for her masterful guitar playing and crowd pleasing vocals. Presenting a blues-rock edge, Lim has made a mark in the music industry garnishing numerous awards. She won a WAMA Award for Best Modern Rock Instrumentalist, Best Modern Rock Recording, and Best Modern Rock Instrumentalist, and was a Truefire's Next Top Guitar Instructor Finalist. She is also an in-demand performer who has shared the stage with national artists including Gaye Adegbalola, Andra Faye, Dick Dale, Tom Principato, Linwood Taylor, Duffy Kane, Sol Roots, Mary Shaver, Devon Allman, Albert Castiglia, "Firefall's" Larry Burnett, Bobby Messano, Patty Reese, Popa Chubby, Little Margie Clark and Leon Russell. Lim is a respected music educator who has served as a faculty member at the National Guitar Workshop and shares her guitar knowledge in columns for Premier Guitar and Guitar Girl Magazine. She uses GHS Strings, PRS Guitars, Taylor Guitars, Daisy Rock Guitars, Levy’s Leathers, Spectraflex Cables, Texas Customs Pickups, Pedaltrain Pedalboards, and G7th Capos.

Ebb and Flow” has an engaging blues/mixolydian-like arrangement that plays like a mix between AC/DC and Shania Twain. It’s an amazingly catchy tune that captures a hard-kicking feel, has a variety of twists and turns, and leaves you wanting more. Keeping the arrangement satisfying to the ear, Lim knows how to change things up.

The first part of the song is a verse-refrain; however, the next part is a verse-pre-chorus-chorus. It features some cool little parts too, such as the 60s-esque organ that is reminiscent of the Let it Be sessions with the Beatles and Billy Preston. Throughout the song, a guitar riff featuring the flat 3 and the flat 7 is heard, instilling that blues feel. The song was written and performed by Lisa Lim, and produced and mixed by Tom Maxwell.

"Ebb and Flow" has a message that many people can relate to. It’s about the constant changes in our lives. New opportunities arise all the time for people, but it’s stated in a way that can also be interpreted as a story about our world, as a whole, constantly changing. The title draws an image of ocean tides in the listeners head. Everything comes and goes, life is not always constant. Even if we feel our lives are constant, the world is changing around us and, like the tide, it shifts all the time. The “times are changing”.

Lisa Lim is a very talented musician who has the career behind her to prove it. Her songwriting uses lots of metaphors, which allow the interpretation of the piece to shine and reach a broad audience. Lim's music is tight, masterfully produced, and it’s a tune anyone, including discerning ears, can enjoy.

For more information on Lisa Lim, please visit her website.

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