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Lisa Ann Wright - "My Daily Bread"

Review by Vict Scott & Staff

BWH Music Group and World National Indie Radio (WNIR) are hosting 'Songs For Change' radio special during the month of November. Music can influence, and even change, people, movements, and society. Sharing songs about peace and social justice, will ultimately remind the world of the importance of fairness, love and unity. Lisa Ann Wright's song "My Daily Bread" is one of the amazing songs that will be featured on this special radio program.

Country folk song “My Daily Bread” from the EP Here I Am features smooth vocals with a bluesy richness. The intro starts with lush acoustic guitar as Keith Arneson chucks on the banjo. The groove is upbeat and has a rustic bellow in the drums and bass. Steve Stecker did fantastic work recording “My Daily Bread” by bringing out a live sound in the instrumentation and vibrance in the vocals.

“My Daily Bread” is about the working class and how hard they labor to make ends meet. The song lists the worries of everyday life for an average person. During these uncertain times, the blue-collar worker has seen many struggles and there is inequity in the distribution of wealth. This folk-blues song hits you at the core with its message of resiliency.

“That’s how the Golden Rule should be. Babysitter’s sick, gonna lose a day. That left front tire will have to wait. We milk your cows, we pick your fruit. We press your pretty business suit. They say we’re blessed, but we feel meek.”

Lisa Ann Wright has an incredible voice that is bold and vibrant. She moves your soul with her warm, resonating, and deep tone. Her performance is heartfelt as she resonates with people on a realistic level with exceptional phrasing and expression. “My Daily Bread is relatable and profound. Lisa Ann can look at the world and layout the hard truth to her listeners in a way that listeners can empathize and also feel heard. "My Daily Bread" a serving of music you don't want to miss.

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About Lisa Ann Wright

Lisa was born and raised in rural upstate New York and is now residing in Arlington,Virginia, and she sings and performs both originals and cover songs with ukulele and guitar in a variety of venues including main stages, wineries and senior residences.

Her songs have been described as “Compassionate, deep and sometimes snarky.” She was a Silver Medalist in the 2019 Global Music Awards, and was a finalist in the 2019 Peace Song Awards for her socially-conscious bluegrass song "My Daily Bread." She has received three recent Honorable Mentions from the Mid-Atlantic Music Awards. Lisa's album “Sweet Bye & Bye” won the Washington Area Music Award (WAMMIES) for Debut Album; her new album “Here I Am” was a finalist for the WAMMIES.

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