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Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

“Savage” by LETHVL OPTIKS is a beat-heavy outlet for frustration. With a consistent flow, ambient instrumentals, and a dynamic track, “Savage” is energized and intense.

“Savage” opens with an emotive guitar loop, reminiscent of Midwest emo with its clean intervals and flowing, cyclical feel. The stirring guitar riff creates a solid foundation of color as the vocals come in, contrasting the fluid accompaniment with a rhythmic melody line. Crisp trap drums layer onto the track, driving the song forward and aiding the articulation of the vocals.

LETHVL OPTIKS’ seamless production lets this arrangement pop, with the bright high hats piercing the track and the guitar looping with warmth. This balance is impressive, and allows his clean flow to be featured:

Ever since I found my wave they act offended now They try hate on me what goes around comes back around…”

As the lyrics navigate the struggle of being an artist, the friends you lose and hardships that come your way as you try to find success, the arrangement portrays these ideas with subtleties. The cyclical guitar riff and its colorful melody establish a consistent edge of passion: a hint of sincerity even in moments of pride. Contrastingly, the echoing background vocals that cushion the lead vocals illustrate the confidence that blossoms in the chorus, quite literally supporting the bold lyrics.

After the second verse, LETHVL OPTIKS diverts listener’s expectations, launching them into a bridge/hook section that strips back the drums and background vocals to isolate the lead melody. This moment of simplicity before the final chorus allows the urgency and emotion of the track to really come through.

“Savage” by LETHVL OPTIKS encompasses a range of emotions, from the frustration of the lyrics to the compelling ambience of the guitar. LETHVL OPTIKS' dynamic flow pierces through the clean production, creating a track that is radio-ready and sure to please fans.

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LETHVL OPTIKS a rapper straight from the heart of Colorado springs has broken in the music scene with his debut song Big Steppa. Born Keoni Coleman, he loved listening to music as a kid especially rap music. He would often wander around the house rapping to himself for fun or freestyle with his brothers and friends as a hobby. It wasn't until his junior year in high school that he fell in love with rap and took doing music seriously. In March 2021, he started posting music consistently releasing his two hit singles "Scars" and "Status." 2020 was only a snippet of what he can do, what the next few years will hold for him, we can only wait and see.

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