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  • Bryon Harris

“Let It Go” by Gabe. G.

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Let It Go” comes in strong with style and substance. It thrives in its classic hip hop sound with a warm sub bass groove and a bright, heavy kick. Strong production from artist GABE G. makes this track an instant club hit.

GABE G. produced, wrote, and recorded the whole track on his own. This speaks to his undeniable ambition and impressive talent. Many of the synthetic sounds rattle and contort in a subtle but effective way that reflects the inner struggle of trying to let someone go.

The lyrics begin by declaring that it’s finally time to let go. Often with relationships this can be the hardest step to complete, but it’s important. The lyrics then go on to explain why he is finally letting go of someone. If something isn’t serving you anymore, then it’s best to release it from your life. “Lately losses been outweighing the wins." There is a feeling of hope though as he continues by sayingI think I’ll be ok in the end.” Moving on from being with someone is never easy and can still leave a heavy weight of negativity on a person’s mind. “We severed the ties clean, but the taste bittersweet."

The track begins with GABE G. rapping with a deep and confident voice. The rapping serves as an intro to the song as he then switches to singing with a wavering auto-tune effect on his voice that is very popular in many hip-hop songs. The shaky quality of the vocal effect evokes the inner turmoil a person goes through when letting something go. It’s a deeply emotional connection that one has to sever, and it can often feel like you’re losing a part of yourself. “Let It Go” is an easily relatable song and serves to inspire you to let go of anything in your life that isn’t treating your happiness and wellbeing.


About Gabe G

GABE-OLUWAGBENGA, also known as @GabeGizz -Hip Hop / Alternative Rap artist / producer is currently residing in Rockford IL. Born in Brixton (South London) now living in america and traveling the world for years, Gabe has been around unique music styles all my life. This gives him a style that can’t be compared to anyone else. Gabe focuses on delivering witty punchlines and infectious melodies. His music has been influenced by a wide range of artist and different genres. He was born into a British - Nigerian household, his sound is a clear reflection of the various rich cultures that make up who he is. Pop, Rap, Soul, Trap, Grime, etc.. Gabe can do it all. His goal is to break all sound barriers because, why are there rules anyway?

"I WILL raise the vibrations of the masses through my music . I WILL go down as one of the greatest of all time." - Gabe G aka "SCRAPE"


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