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  • Bryon Harris

Leo Ganza - "Pandemic"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Pandemic” is a hip-hop testament to the trials and tribulations experienced globally during the past year. A finely crafted backing track establishes an emotionally rich tone underneath Ganza’s flow. The groove on this song will take you to another place, pairing perfectly with the insightful lyrics. Tackling a somber subject matter with an uplifting feeling, Ganza’s flow is as engaging and dynamic as the musical accompaniment.

Lyrically, “Pandemic,” tells the story of the multitudes by illuminating a single perspective.

“We gotta make it work bottom line, Remember all the pain remember all the struggle, We became stronger living in a bubble.”

Listeners will find strength and resilience in these highly relatable lyrics.

“Remember all the outside riots, We were inside staying quiet, We went to work we some go-getters, But we can’t forget all the protestors.”

This lyrical device is highly effective in humanizing large-scale historical events…fantastic writing.

The arrangement of “Pandemic” demonstrates brilliance in beat production. The interaction between piano harmonies, string melodies, and backup vocals is expertly done. An intensely rich percussion track and a virtuosic bass line create unstoppable energy that propels the music forward. A delay effect on Ganza’s vocals creates yet another dimension to the song, adding gravity to each lyric. Overall, “Pandemic” is an excellent piece of music.

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About Leo Ganza

Making his significant mark on social media, Leo Ganza (aka GANZA Brim) is a black American rap artist who has performed with major players like Maino, Uncle Murda, and Jadakiss. He's entertained live on stages for Power 105.1 DJ Self, Hot 97 DJ Magic, DJ Drewski, and DJ Will. His grit and determination prove that "you can come from the street or the hood, but at the same time be educated and raise your family with dignity and integrity."

A Native of Flatbush, New York, Leo Ganza wrote his first lyrics in high school, inspired by Jay Z, Was, and DMX. Committed to his mission as an artist, he's been performing and doing showcases since the beginning of 2012. Never giving ip on the game, his song made it to number 4 on DJ Magic's Hot 97 Mixtape, "Take it to The Streets." Establishing himself further in the industry. Leo Ganza started his own brand, Tournament Time, that means, "let the games begin."

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