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Lea B – "Tonight"

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

“Tonight” by Lea B. offers listeners a unique musical experience blending aspects of folk and soul tinged by rocking grooves that will have you craving more.

A bluesy, melodic piano introduction kicks off the record, ending the phrases with a single note pressing into the down beat acting as a dramatic lead into the first verse. After its' brief moment in the spotlight, the piano takes a supportive role in the arrangement with the addition of steady percussion, bass, lead guitar, and subtle droning strings that add pleasant depth to the mix. Lea’s vocals are relaxed as she eases her way through fervent phrases that showcase the sultry timbre of her voice.

Breaking into the chorus, the piano merges into the forefront of the instrumental arrangement helping to drive energy into the record with bright, pulsing chords. Lea bolsters her vocals with occasional light harmonies that chime in at just the right times to give you goosebumps. Keeping listeners engaged, after the second chorus Lea breaks into a bridge section that momentarily switches up the feel of the song with intriguing chord progressions and entrancing vocal lines.

“Tonight” is soulful jam that takes an eclectic variety of musical influences and forms them into a fluid, coherent record that you won’t want to take your ears away from. Make sure to gives Lea B.’s “Tonight” a listen and keep up with her latest musical achievements!

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About Lea B

At a young age, Evangelea Bourinaris (aka. Lea B.) started singing and writing lyrics. She hasn’t stopped since. Lea has a unique, heartfelt approach with her music. Lea earned a bachelors degree in Popular Music Emphasis from William Paterson University and previously studied at Montclair State University. Lea’s voice is known to be very versatile. She can go from belting a rock ballad to performing a pop hit in seconds. Lea has always dreamt of performing her original pieces with her sultry sound and edgy style.

Lea's most recently released project is titled, Symptomatic. This concept album was released on December 27, 2020 and consists of ten tracks that offer an all-exclusive look into the lives of those with chronic illnesses/mental health illnesses/autoimmune diseases. A survivor herself, Lea wrote this album as a musical/therapeutic diary that chronologically expresses her struggle with anxiety, depression, endometriosis, adenomyosis, and Hashimoto's disorder. With it's smooth, yet direct instrumentation, Symptomatic is an album that speaks for those who are considered to have "invisible illnesses."

Lea B. can also be heard singing covers on her YouTube channel under the channel name, Lea B. Her Youtube channel is also the place to find her her most recent music videos. Check out her music videos for her singles, "Fossils" and "L.A." off of her first album, History.


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