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LD - 'This is Me'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Born and raised in Minneapol]ois, LD is a hip hop artist who has come up in the music industry through a bumpy road. Much was thrown at him, from an early age. Through loss and hardship, from drug addiction, LD always found a way out of the storm. Today, he plans to use this same determination and willpower in his music career, emphasizing the title: ​Only Can Make It​. Off the EP, "This is Me" is a great way to experience LD's journey and rise to the top of his game.

“This is Me”, from the EP Only Can Make It, by LD is inspiring as it tells the story of a successful rap artist who started from a challenging place. LD is a confident and skilled rapper. In addition to his hip hop prowess, the pristine production work is clean and catchy. From the intro, listeners automatically groove to the beat. The song's juicy beat slowly progresses to the chorus as LD’s rap flow punches through each lyric. The sub-bass and electronic percussion layer possesses a rapid hit-hat and killer trap beat. LD’s energetic rap flow sings the lead line as a deep auto-tuned/distorted voice echoes in the background, which adds heat to the bridge as it goes into the chorus.

LD's newfound success in the music industry inspired him to write, "This is Me." He's expressing a new vision for himself as he claims his current influence and decides his future as an artist who will continue to be triumphant. The excitement and erratic emotions LD feels from his success are filled with well-deserved pride and inner satisfaction. His trials and triumphs got him to this moment in his life, and he has risen to the occassion in style.

LD raps the chorus confidently:

“I be comin’ I be comin’ they aint’ no room for you. Want some hundreds, Wants some hundreds till my fingers blue. My time been coming, it’s been coming, it’s time to check the news. This ain’t nothing new.”

LD is turning it up with “This is Me." His bumping rap flow and catchy beat track invites and captivates listeners to eperience his story. "This is Me" is the perfect hype song for someone who needs a boost, a party, or just dancing at a club. "This is Me" introduces a new artist to the hip hop scene. LD's performance is banging and polished, and he has created a signature sound that is both rich and powerful. LD is an innovative and extremely talented artist who will continue to rise to the top with his undeniable talent and genuine message. Links to Major Streaming and Digital Outlets. Stream on Spotify.

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