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  • Bryon Harris

LC Lonely Child - 'Shadows'

LC Lonely Child is an American rapper and song-writer born and raised in East Saint Louis, IL. Now residing in Portland, Oregon, LC is unstoppable. Setting the stage for success, his freshman EP, 'Otha Side of da Water,' was released in 2017 to critical acclaim and worldwide fan enthusiasm. Following the EP, he released several hot singles including "Addicted" and "My Habit” featuring BWA's own OG Boobie Black. Currently in advance of his EP/Mixtapes, LC's latest single “Shadows," featuring Breana Marin,” is bound to be a favorite on your playlist.

"Shadows Ft. Breana Marin" boasts a smooth beat by Dreamlifebeats. Kicking things off, a simple jazz chord progression on piano takes the lead accompanied by ambient bells. Haunting strings glide from ear to ear as a rain storm brews in the background, building anticipation for the entrance of the first chorus. With a pick-up from the drums, the storm subsides, and the sub-base drops. Breana then lays down the cathcy hook. Her vocals are mysterious and enticing.

"Who’s that moving through to the shadows, going everywhere that I go, knowing all the things that I know, I will never make it easy for you."

Inspired by Breanas lyrics, LC starts his ultra suave flow by rapping about how people are lurking and trying to steal his work. He quickly turns the tables on his foes by laying it all out for them, talking about his drive, his hard work, and steady climb to the top, while the fools in the shadows can't dim his light. LC is a confident rapper with a style that's easy to relate to. He has a great intenstity that jumps off the track. "Shadows Ft. Breana Marin" is a slick and insightful tune that you are sure to add to your rotation of slow jams.

One thing is clear, LC Lonely Child will never be in the shadows of the music industry - he has a long game and you can expect to see him in the limelight. LC Lonely Childs "Shadows" Feat. Breana Marin is available on all major digital outlets including iTunes.

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