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Lavender Honey - "NEED YOUR LOVE"

Review by April Kranz

Daniel Thompson, better known as Lavender Honey, has taken on the difficult mantle of a jack-of-all-trades: having composed, written, produced, and performed NEED YOUR LOVE you’d think the next step would be to kerplutz from exhaustion. But for Lavender Honey, it’s full-steam ahead as Need Your Love bursts onto the scene in all its indie-pop grace.

It’s a great track through and through. While you’d expect a punchy dance anthem from the beginning, you’re soon met with laid-back guitar and drums that kneed out the tension of the opening and relax into the mix. Vocals blend in with delay throws, following the lead of the drums and guitar, an absolute selling point for me. Not many vocalists can utilize their voice as an instrument rather than a lead, and it feels natural here.

“Tighten my lips and loosen my grip

Open my eyes so that I can be an encouragement

An encouragement

Forget what I’ve said

Forgive what I’ve done

I know I really messed things up

I need your love

Yeah, I need your love”

Vocals continue for the rest of the song as everything builds around them. It feels almost like an adult lullaby, dreamlike and wanting in its words. Thompson gives us insight into the track, saying: “It deals with the subject of wrestling with self-worth, addictions, and the internal battle we all face.” Catch the release of Lavender Honey and show Daniel some love!


About Lavender Honey

Indie pop with 60s -arly 80s influence. Founded in 2021, Lavender Honey is the brainwork of Daniel Thompson. New Nashvillian. Former Marylander. Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist with his music showcasing his piano, guitar, bass, vocal, and production ability.

Lavender Honey will be releasing at least one new song a month in 2022.

Make sure to keep up with his work on and connect on these platforms:

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