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Lavella - 'Nothin’s For Nothin' (feat Jerace)

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Lavella Feat. Jerace” is a feel-good pop track that clicks and clacks and features an impressive variety of sounds. A really tight mix perfectly balances all the different elements at play here. Even with so many sounds to devour, everything is really well balanced and organized. The vibe is so relaxing and uplifting. This is the kind of song that acts as a ray of sunshine, a reminder that there is always hope. It’s very easy to groove along to “Nothin’s For Nothin” and it’s a blast to sing along with.

Lyrically, Lavella is singing about being comfortable and content with where you are in life. The lyrics often reference being home and how she won’t get caught up in wondering if she could have lived her life differently.

“Nothin’s for nothin, I won’t get caught up in the shoulda coulda made it life, if I would have done it right, the town that I’m stuck in is gonna’ get me through the night, is everybody feeling right?”

The lyrics have this wonderful sense of self-awareness wrapped in a humble attitude. Life can be so beautiful if we let go of petty concerns and the need to be better than others, and this song perfectly represents that beautiful feeling of being free from your toxic thoughts.

The arrangement is filled with exciting timbres and instrumentation. The percussion bed features a lot of clicking sounds, mixed with snaps and a drum kit which comes in at the pre-chorus. The drums add some “oomph” into the groove and the decision to keep the drums out of the chorus is fantastic. It really helps maintain the songs chill vibe while forcing the listener to really zoom in on the chorus. All the performances here are rhythmic and catchy with the guitars employing a reggae style strumming groove and the synths playing short and buoyant embellishments.

On top of all this fun energy is the vocals which are so smooth and serene. She is able to sing softly and then boost the energy up more in the chorus’ by singing more intensely without sacrificing the soft texture of her voice. “Nothin’s For Nothin” is a super catchy and uplifting pop track with a unique arrangement and a great message.


About Lavella Lavella grew up in a small suburban town where everyone knew each other and fitting in was a challenge. This did not stop stop her from pursuing her life’s passion. She was highly influenced by her father’s career as a musician and fell in love with singing and performing at an early age. She recorded and performed with several different groups over the years and had the incredible experience of performing live in Los Angeles at several well known venues. When her father became gravely ill, the circumstances in her life caused her to move back to her hometown to be with family and seek out clarity and purpose, only to bring her right back to what she knows how to do best which is record music with killer vocals. Her first single, “Nothin’s for Nothin” is out on all digital platforms now.

For more information on Lavella, please visit her website.


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