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Larrin - 'Say Love'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Say Love” is a passionate look at not just one person, but at love as a whole. It’s the kind of song that you can picture yourself driving in a convertible through LA at night. It’s incredibly atmospheric and cinematic. Larrin’s vocals sit comfortably on top of the warm and confident arrangement as he sings about relationships we hold with those closest to us, and the lack of love present in those connections.

Lyrically you can tell that Larrin wishes for people to be more open to love. In the chorus he repeats “Say love” several times, pleading for people to accept love and to be not so afraid of being vulnerable. It’s not easy to live in a world where you give love and it’s not enough for some people. Too many people in this world take and take and never give anything back. Larrin references this when he says, “There’s no way you’ve ever cared, I give you my heart, and you want my soul too, nothin’s ever good enough”.

The arrangement creates a slightly futuristic atmosphere with influence from hip hop, blues, and neo-soul. The main instrument that carries the tune is the electric guitar which sounds absolutely crisp and clean. Rounding out the arrangement is electronic drums, a sub bass and some ethereal synth pads that fill out the song with style in the background.

Larrin’s vocal performance is one that truly comes from his heart, as his voice is wavering and bolstered by emotional inflection. “Say Love” evokes the sensation of being in slow motion, all while wishing for people to love one another in a song that is as cool as it is catchy. Social Media:

Instagram: @soulejukebox

Facebook: @soulejukebox ent Grp LLC; @larrin Granderson

Twitter: 2Soulejukebox ent Grp LLC

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About Larrin

Larrin Granderson is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, record executive, entrepreneur and artist. Granderson was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 9, 1978. A hotographer and musician who plays many instruments, who specializes in the trumpet. He is heavily influenced by the great jazz artist Miles Davis. Granderson’s music is a refreshing fusion of jazz, neo-soul with a dash of blues for spice. The owner of SouleJukebox, with his business partner Michael Dedmon.

Larrin produced tracks such as “Let the Sunshine In” and “Slow Motion” under the moniker of Rkatech. A modern-day Renaissance man. Soulejukebox (Music with Soule.)

Larrin wants people to fall in love with love again, love is a beautiful thing. He feels we should love more and allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to experience love. If it doesn’t work out let’s learn from it instead of giving up on it.

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