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Lardy Miss Clardy - 'Good Girl Gone'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Good Girl Gone” is a powerful sounding song that is also chill and atmospheric. Supporting its powerful message is a strong beat that features sounds typical in trap and hip hop. Mixed with the hip-hop style is a bit of R&B and pop. The production overall is very minimalistic which allows the listener to really home in on Lardy Miss Clardy’s tantalizing vocals. All the sound design is tight and well rounded. There is nothing overly washy or drawn out, this is the kind of song that demands focus from you.

Lyrically, Lardy Miss Clardy is writing about the dangers of being in a toxic relationship. Her writing is very catchy as she has a great sense of when to utilize rhyming schemes and her phrasing is very unusual and confident.

“Let me tell you now, you a stone-cold killer of a thriller, don’t like a woman that’s for real a swimmer.”

Her lyrics are written in such a way that you can really feel the pain of being around someone who goes back and forth on whether they love you or not. This is something that sadly most people have experienced at least once in their life and listeners will likely find solace in Lardy Miss Clardy’s lyrics.

The instrumentation of “Good Girl Gone” is filled with a variety of sounds, supported by a few essential instruments that are the main sound. The beat is incredibly strong and mixed very up front. This helps give the track its sense of attitude and “Good Girl Gone” really grooves hard as a result. There is also a really nice electric piano sound that plays throughout the whole song. It has so much atmosphere and mood in its performance, and it sits perfectly in the core of the mix.

Lardy Miss Clardy’s vocals are thick and warm. She sings with intense inflections and gives a very passionate performance as a result. “Good Girl Gone” is a powerful anthem for escaping toxic relationships, and it’s incredibly groovy and catchy.

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About Lardy Miss Clardy Wendy Clardy, AKA “Lardy Miss Clardy” was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and currently lives in the state of California. Wendy brings noticed recognition and numerous achievements as an educator, advocate, as well as a professional singer/recording artist and songwriter. While in California, she reunites with her brother, PushLoc, and they created 4 songs. Wendy stepped out with faith, and decided to put her music up on Reverbnation’s website, as Lardy Miss Clardy Coming Out! Shortly, Wendy was discovered and invited to submit her music, byThe Akademia’s A&R scout, Elijah. Wendy won the nomination and awards for the best Funk song “ You Got It Going On and Best R&B “Move With U” and she was invited to The Akademia Music Awards and Gala and walked the red carpet through 2017-2019, and holds the 2019 Executive award for outstanding creativity, artistry and professional achievement in the field of music. Her latest project has recently started recording with 5 Mics Music and Media Company and has created her best singles ever, and released entitled “Good Girl Gone” and “Something About .“ Lardy Miss Clardy is now in the recording studio creating here next best singles ever, coming soon and her future project is to get ready for her first debut performance in the year of 2021.


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