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  • Bryon Harris

Lake Omne - "Crossroads"

Review by Abby Kenna

Lake Omne embraces the moody tones of 80s brit-pop in their new single, “Crossroads”.

“Crossroads” opens into a lush soundscape of textures, filling the track with instant emotion. A bright, arpeggiating keyboard ripples subtly amidst a wide, full array of synths - some bold and brassy, others wavy and mellow. Set against the layers of resonating synths and keyboards, the acoustic drum groove urges the song forward beautifully, adding an essential punchiness amongst the depth of the other instruments. Finished with a heavy dosage of reverb, this mix bursts with colorful, inviting synth-pop energy. Meanwhile, the lyrical content paints a more melancholy picture:

“I wish I could turn back time

To say I'm sorry

I'd hoped to change your mind

But now the tears are falling..."

Lake Omne’s singer adds a layer of contrast to the synth-filled arrangement, singing with a lamenting edge similar to the dark tone of The Smiths. This variation between bright instrumentals and somber vocal delivery gives “Crossroads” a unique color, as it draws from 80s brit-pop sounds while still incorporating the catchiness of modern alternative rock/pop. The lyrics fuse these contradictory elements into one longing, yet hopeful message. The chorus has moments of brightness, with the image of “a summer night” lingering at the end, but surrounds it with the solemn thought of crossroads:

"All the crossroads we've had

Leaving them behind

No reason left to hide

On a summer night

I wish that we belong..."

Lake Omne has crafted a beautiful duality in “Crossroads”, invoking both melancholy and uplifting messages in the resonating synth orchestration. Fans of alternative rock, indie, and pop can all find something to enjoy within “Crossroads” with its multidimensional sound and artful lyricism.


About Lake Omne

Hailing from Örebro, Sweden, Lake Omne are a synthesizer-based brother duo featuring vocalist Alexander Nätterlund and keyboardist Mattias Nätterlund. Lake Omne is a indie/synth pop duo who write and produce all of their music. They take inspiration from a mix of influencers from the 80s and 90s UK pop.

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