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Labán - 'Acércate'

A deep and resonating drum beat along with sparkles of bluesy electric guitar open Labán's new single, "Acércate." The electric guitar is soon joined by saxophone, played by Jeff Miguel. The two instruments tastefully add fill-ins. The saxophone adds a romantic touch, playing phrases at the end of each verse. The sound is melodic, warm and smooth. The arrangement creates a very relaxing groove with hints of R & B that wash over you.

"Vienes de mientras y no dejas nada, nada de ti te abro mi puerta y nada más juegas con mi sentir."

In a voice that is velvet, warm, and inviting , Labán sings about the momentary and fleeting entrance of love, opening the door (of the heart) only to find that the moment is gone. Labán's vocal presentation has fire and sky. He sings with passion, but doesn't push the phrasing. Instead, he allows the lyrics and the music to naturally unfold and drip like honey in the air.

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As the chorus arrives, the song's intricate musicianship evolves. The percussion dances lightly, adding texture. Syncopated rhythms are accentuated on the guitar. The saxophone solos weave around the vocals with just the right mix. The chorus, which asks love to come closer, is catchy.

"Acércate, acércate, cuando no tengas deudas Acércate, Y vamos a esperar que la vida nos dé para desearnos hasta el final Que la voluntad impida contaminar nuestro amargo amar."

Listen to the audio video:

Labán's "Acércate" is a love song that expresses a deep yearning for a closer and more committed relationship. Intimate, sensitive, and filled with desire, "Acércate" comes from the heart. With expressive vocals and an intricate arrangement, featuring rich saxophone solos and a relaxed groove, Labán's "Acércate" will leave you yearning for more music by one of Mexico's finest emerging young artists. With universal love songs like "Acércate," Labán's undeniable romantic charisma and perfromance style opens the door to interrnational stardom.


About Labán Labán, hailing from Tijuana, Mexico, is an emerging singer-songwriter who is receiving international critival acclaim. Starting music at a young age, he studied violin and piano. After completing college, he focused his career to music. In advance of his full albu, 'Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí', Labán has released four singles including: Dueños de Aquí (2018), Quién da Más (2019), Para Ti (2019), and Acércate.

For more information on Labán, please visit his website.

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