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Kurt Gott - "Deal Me In"

By Abby Kenna

“Deal Me In” by Kurt Gott is a buoyant rock tune, drawing listeners into a bright and captivating performance that is hard not to enjoy.

“Deal Me In” has a bustling sonic palette reminiscent of 70s blues-rock, immediately standing out from the masses. A bright organ blares beneath a catchy harmonic rhythm, the guitars, and drums working in tandem to establish a solid beat. One of the most unique and refreshing aspects of “Deal Me In” is the pure energy of the atmosphere, and how the song transports listeners to a new setting. The vocals echo with a raw reverb that, paired with Kurt Gott’s expressive delivery, gives the recording the impression of a live performance. Additionally, the ad-libbing style of the band is boisterous, improvisational, and just fun, drawing listeners into what feels like a cleverly impromptu jam session.

The spirited style of “Deal Me In” also lends itself to the setting of the lyrics, which tells a tongue-in-cheek story of a surprising night of gambling:

“After a little while, we were doing all right

And we all thought he was nothing but talk

But then he picked up the pace and we were in for the race

And we watched our money go for a walk…”

As each section grows in excitement through both the lyrics and the instrumental progression, the narrative storytelling walks listeners through this rowdy and animated night, inviting them to stay and hear the ending. Bluesy harmonies on the chorus add another element of bravado to the energetic nature of “Deal Me In”, and masterful touches of piano soloing and crunchy guitar ad-libs color the new section. The music seems to respond to the story, brightening and growing as the scenes change:

“He said deal me in, come on and deal me in boys…

If you're playin' to win

You better deal me in…”

Kurt Gott’s “Deal Me In” is a true musical experience, using classic rock styles and lively production to create a uniquely entertaining and riveting song.


About Kurt Gott

Throughout his life, singer/songwriter and acoustic entertainer Kurt Gott has been performing at various clubs, bars, and restaurants. Originally from Massachusetts, he now lives in South Florida and is a full-time musician. He has often been compared to such singers as Don Henley and Paul McCartney by many of his fans and friends. Kurt's music is best described as a blend of rock, country, and blues. Some of his biggest musical influences are the Beatles, Eagles, Tom Petty, Crosby Stills & Nash, Allman Brothers, and Kenny Chesney.

Kurt began writing songs almost immediately after picking up the guitar at age 13 and just a few years later taught himself how to play the piano. He also can play drums, bass guitar and often plays blues harmonica at his current shows. After 27 years of working long hours in a well-established career in television operations, he decided to quit and start a new career in music at the age of 50. Now at age 51, he is about to release his second album and playing 4 to 5 shows a week.

Kurt is currently playing in the south Florida area in his acoustic duo/trio and also performs solo acoustic shows. His latest album, soon to be released, reflects the recent changes in his life of tossing away the business clothes, saying goodbye to the corporate world, and trading it all in to pursue his passion. Now at this stage in his life, Kurt is doing what he loves to do, he's writing songs, recording new music, and performing live shows weekly. He is grateful for the support he has gotten from all his fans over the years and is dedicated to bringing them great new music and giving great performances for many years to come.


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