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Kruttika – “Twin Size Bed”

Review by Saya Mochizuki & Staff

“Twin Size Bed” by Kruttika is an enticing jazz-pop breakup jam with an infectious hook, irresistible to sing along to after a few listens. Kruttika’s soulful voice expresses the bitterness that comes with fresh heartbreak, and fuels each chorus.

The song has a live band feel, particularly with the strong drum groove, raw sound of the keys and sprinkles of improvisational fills and riffs. It’s clean mix and production allows the listener to focus on the instrumental chemistry and dynamics, as well as Kruttikaa’s storytelling.

Simple additions such as legato strings and the bluesy closing guitar solo contribute to the dramatic build, and draw influence from similar piano based singer-songwriters such as Adele, Alicia Keys and Carole King.

Kruttika stays consistent lyrically, strongly committing to the “twin sized bed” concept—evident in the line “All I’ve got are memories to kiss me goodnightwhich uses some clever wordplay.

Powerfully performed and beautifully arranged, “Twin Size Bed” embodies the intense emotions that follow any messy breakup. This song is sure to get listeners singing along with the chorus, their voices joining in, in a live setting, Kruttika surely would bring any crowd to life.

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About Kruttika

Inspired by surrealism, the world of dreams and The Rhythm and Blues, Kruttika's music is a combined influence of Alicia Keys, Carole King, Elton John and Adele.. Themes that make you think, feel, question, but still incite hope and let you dream. Blues and Pop inspired Piano/vocal jams that allow for a cathartic release. She finds herself inspired by the drama of Broadway and cinema, as well as the soul and elegance of Blues and Jazz.

Kruttika was born and raised in Mumbai and began her musical journey at age 19. After losing partial eyesight when she was 13, due a condition called ‘Macular dystrophy’, she struggled for years with depression and anxiety. Unable to find a suitable career option with a disability, she enrolled in Art school which is where she ended up finding her passion and talent for music through the encouragement of friends.

She trained for a few years under Vocal coach Samantha Noella before travelling to London to study at The Point Blank Music School, for 3 months under Grammy award winning composer and singer Phil Ramacon and renowned songwriter Linton Bennett. Having witnessed the amazing Open Mic scene in London, she launched her own such event in March 2017, and hosted it till September 2017, when she left for Los Angeles, to pursue her dreams and study at The Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. The event was a success as it was the first ever and longest running Open Mic in the city dedicated only to music, and continued until the 2020 pandemic.

Since moving to LA, she has worked with several artists as keyboard accompanist, background singer and performed as lead artist at venues such as The House of Blues, The Dresden, The State Social, The Study, Erwin House, Boarders', The Veg Fest , Lyd and Mo’s Photo Studio and Station 1640.

She just released her debut EP titled "Snow" and also plays keys for LA based soul/pop band ‘Carly and the Universe’ and British pop artist ‘JRDS’

For more information on Kruttika, please visit her website.

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