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  • Bryon Harris

Korsah - 'Daily Bread'

A Music Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

The opening scene of the music video of ‘Daily Bread’ features a math class where the students are all engrossed in the lesson, and in a boisterous mood – except for one: our protagonist – a young boy from a troubled upbringing, derided and mocked by his fellow classmates, and who shows little interest in the lesson. Immediately, the sound of the 808 kick booms in – and it is an absolute ear-opener. Ghana-based Korsah, in his latest single titled ‘Daily Bread’, is all brutal honesty and masterful storytelling. The song, written and arranged in the realms of hip-hop and rap, is a journey of resiliency.

At the time of writing this review, the music video has already garnered nearly 230,000 views within less than a week of its release: and the reason the song is resonating with its audience is straightforward. The lyrical themes, so often manifested in the lives of many others, and the no-nonsense approach to narrating one’s life stories, cleverly avoiding euphemisms, draws the listener to the song. Listeners crave for an authenticity to relate to, to compare their own experiences to, and Korsah rises to the occasion magnificently.

With a minimalistic approach to instrumentation and a fusion of creative ambient textures merged with hip-hop elements, the song manages to create an otherworldly aura capable of taking the listener in, and retaining their engagement, long after the song has concluded. Of note, is the grace and humility, cool to the hilt, that Korsah narrates. Faced by challenges and sacrifices growing up, Korsah reveals a steadfast journey to realize his dreams.

The genre of the arrangement and the lyrical themes complement each other brilliantly, at a thoughtful tempo. Praise must be reserved for the music producers ‘That Leeington! 1437 Sound’ and Kofi Sonny for the superb manner in which the production and mixing techniques have been implemented, adding soul and substance.

Ultimately, the song has been masterfully spearheaded by singer-songwriter Korsah, courtesy his hard-hittingly inspiring lyrics and the vocal rendition. ‘Daily Bread’ is a winner all the way. Korsah set out to help people ‘recognize the good in our lives, even amidst chaos and uncertainty’, and he has hit the bull’s eye with ‘Daily Bread.’ It's ever-lingering message, to cherish the present and the journey, is rendered most relatably and in a non-woke manner that draws listeners into the core of the song.


About Korsah

Korsah grew up in Atonsu, a vibrant town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, where he developed his passion for music through street rap battles and dance competitions. Influenced by American rappers Lil Wayne and Young Thug, as well as musical legends like Michael Jackson, Akon, and Daddy Lumba, Korsah has crafted a distinct musical style that blends contemporary melodic Hip-Hop with gospel elements. Signed to 610Music, Korsah is poised to spread his message and talent globally.



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