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  • Bryon Harris

Kind Hearted Thieves - “Favour The Bold”

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Favour The Bold” is an epic song that is powerful and passionate. The arrangement of the first half creates a real western-cowboy vibe. This fits the man behind “Kind Hearted Thieves” so well, as he is a lone wolf singer-songwriter. The 2nd half of the song explodes and crackles with emotion as everything expands into a more open and bombastic style. This split within the song allows the track to have replay value and the growth of the song from start to finish is extremely satisfying. The final chorus gave me chills as everything was reaching truly epic heights.

Lyrically, “Kind Hearted Thieves” is singing about falling and rebuilding one’s self, and the beauty that comes from that new growth. In his lyrics, he is referring to the theme of Kintsugi. Kintsugi is the Japanese art form of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold, implying that our flaws create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art. “We seal our cracks with gold, mending in ways we are sold, sailing on memories we hold, favor the bold”. The lyrics have such a poignant rhythm to them, creating a back and forth within the words that are very poetic and tragic.

“I am weak and egregious you must seek, you must see this, the blood drips through my fists against my chest”.

The arrangement lends itself to the two distinct sections of this song, the light and atmospheric first half and the momentous and climactic second half. The first half opens with an intricate and gentle acoustic guitar ostinato coupled with a very washed-out electric guitar that echoes and shakes as shots are heard in the middle of a desert. Something this song does so well is ease in the percussion as the song builds and builds right up to the end. “Kind Hearted Thieves” vocals have such incredible range. In the first half of the song, his vocals are warm and fuzzy, while in the second half his vocals are fiery and intense. He lets out an impactful yell at the very end that acts as a perfect way to end this journey of a song. “Favour The Bold” is a song that yields a very important message while creating something that is truly world-shakingly stunning.

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About Kind Hearted Thieves

Kind Hearted Thieves (KHT) is a lone wolf, singer-songwriter with a voice that roars like the sea on a stormy, winter night in his hometown of Blackpool, England. His powerful & haunting tones have been likened to musical greats Eddie Vedder & Nick Drake. ​

KHT’s anthemic folk-rock sound first emerged with the 2020 debut single ‘Nevermoor’ telling the tale of a futuristic, dystopian landscape left broken & barren by human greed. It’s haunting, anthemic & evokes a life-affirming mood in a way that hasn’t been done since Disturbed’s blistering cover of the Simon & Garfunkel classic ‘The Sound of Silence’. With the music video notching up half a million views on Facebook within a matter of months, it seems that KHT’s appeal is instant, especially in these uncertain times that demand isolation & force reflection like never before. February 2021 will see KHT release the hotly anticipated follow-up single ‘Favour The Bold’. With its lyrical theme inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art form of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold (built on the idea that embracing flaws and imperfections, creates an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art.) KHT sails into 2021 with a positive, poignant message of embracing life’s imperfections & finding the beauty in even the darkest situations.

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