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Kiana Corley - "Best of Me"

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

Kiana Corley is a Pennsylvania-raised singer/songwriter who uniquely blends folk and soul vibes for an eclectic sound that’s all her own. During her time as a performing and recording artist, she has collaborated with artists such as hip-hop group JBDK. While in college, she opened for pop-rock band Young The Giant, and was also invited by Vulcans, a folk group, to open their album release show. Along with doing her own solo projects, she sings, plays guitar, and writes for Lancaster, PA-based pop/soul band No Bad Days, who made their debut during Launch Fest in March of 2019.

Kiana Corley’s “Best of Me” is an exciting declaration of hope and courage, and hosts a message that will resonate in the ears of any listener. Supported by piano, guitar, and drums, Corley enters with her first verse and shocks the mix with her smooth, confident vocal abilities. As the chorus comes around for the first time, we are introduced to a world of vibrant, ambient textures and emotions. Beautifully subtle vocal harmonies and freeing, bright melodies lead one to the conclusion that “Best of Me” is a multidimensional work of true artistry.

Corley’s lyrics speak to the ever-relatable journey of moving on from a breakup. Within her lyrics, Corley inspires a catchy sense of repetition by playing on the lyrical motif of days arriving where the artist no longer feels attached to parts of her past partner.

“The day came when I didn’t need your touch / I wasn’t wishing on a star for you no more / The day came when I could get all dressed up / Without the thought of you showing up at my door”

Kiana Corley inspires her listeners to consider the hope and inner strength that will always lead to more inner freedom in life and love. The hope and power held within the artist’s words are complimented by music that carries all the feel-good vibes one could ever want. Life never stops teaching us lessons, and right now the lesson of the month may be to stream Corley’s “Best of Me” in order to revisit the strength we all carry deep down.

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