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  • Bryon Harris

Kenny Schick – ‘The Ghost of Nasvhille’

Written by Matt Wong & Staff

“The Ghost of Nashville” begins with a brief fingerpicked electric guitar intro with a bright, reverberant sound. On the first verse, Schick’s vocals enter, along with a second guitar part playing fills with a tremolo effect that give motion to the mix. His vocals are soft and airy giving off a melancholic timbre. His lyrics are colorful and descriptive, painting a clear mental image with each passing phrase. After a light first verse, the bass and drums enter on the interlude, and the song proceeds into the second verse.

Halfway through the second verse, listeners are presented with more instrumental flair which nicely builds the arrangement towards the bridge. On the bridge, listeners can hear the guitars wailing away tastefully under the vocal, and background vocals which blend effectively with the lead. Coming out of the bridge, the song maintains the energy from the bridge for one more verse before ending with a scaled back final verse which has a nice effect on the arc of the song.

“The Ghost of Nashville” is inspired by events in the past year, which included Covid-19, but also a devastating tornado that ripped through Nashville, Tennessee. They detail how the tornado “hovered above like a big black bird,” and “swooped right down on German Town” and ponders, “will the songs of music city die.” All in all, they paint in realistic picture of what has happened all of the country in this tumultuous year.

“The Ghost of Nashville” by Kenny Schick is an excellent piece of musical storytelling. The song’s lyrics, delivered by Schick’s top notch vocals, paint a vivid picture of the effects of the past year on the city of Nashville. Supported by a noteworthy arrangement, listeners will be transported to Music City USA, as they listen to Schick’s well written tune.

About Kenny Schick

Kenny Schick might get labeled a singer/songwriter simply because he plays solo, his weathered acoustic guitar supporting his lilting tenor vocal, but Schick has a loyal following because those who experience his shows find a lot more ‘under the hood’ than just another guy with a guitar could ever provide. Schick’s audiences feel this passion – the experience of decades of performance in every imaginable genre and the observations of one who takes the sometimes tumultuous road less traveled. At Kenny’s shows, there is laughter, tears, musical craftsmanship, and thought provoking lyricism. The shows take listeners on a journey and includes them, with much banter back and forth.

For more information on Kenny Schick, please visit his website.

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