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Kenneith Perrin - We Can Forgive'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Kenneith Perrin is an inspirational-gospel pop/soul artist based out of Los Angeles, California. Originally raised as a child of parents in the military, Perrin mainly grew up in Augusta, Georgia and was influenced by new wave, funk, soul, and pop. He eventually became an artist who writes and sings songs that eclectically blended those styles. As a multiple ASCAP Plus Award Winner, over seven of Kenneith's songs have been placed in independent films. Earlier this year in 2020, he and his band were fortunate to open up for the iconic music group Missing Persons at the famous West Hollywood's Whiskey A-Go-Go. Through is music and performances, Kenneith aims to encourage, and bring hope and joy to his listeners. While you listen to his songs, be expected to take a melodic journey that varies in styles, but remains strong in Christian theme and spirit. Kenneith's song, "We Can Forgive", showcases his undeniable talent as a singer, songwriter and producer.

Gorgeous piano accompaniment commences "Kenneith Perrin's" beautiful song, "We Can Forgive." Kenneith sings the first voice with a pure, radio-ready tenor tone that moves the soul. "It’s been a long road, we’ve been traveling on. We’ve grown weary, from holding on to the pain and the hurt buried deep down inside." Throughout the song, Kenneith's vocal performance shines with gorgeous phrasing and a deeply felt authenticity based on faith. He has exceptional range and stellar dynamic control yielding very powerful and moving moments that touch the soul. The song's music and lyrics were written by Kenneith Perrin and co-produced by Perrin & Thomas Ferrell.

Moving forward, a nice groove is sustained with R & B stylings. The pristine arrangement has lovely violins that enhance the track. Delicate strings play melodically over the piano then grow into lush orchestration. The catchy and well-written chorus of the song fully blooms with the addition of soaring strings and deep tympanic drums as Kenneith sings:

"I forgive you AND You forgive me AND We forgive each other over again And we start to live Didn’t understand What we had in hand Lay aside every weight

We can forgive." Forgiveness is a cornerstone to healthy relationship and an act of faith (Mark 11:25). It is something we extend to others and to ourselves. "Healing ain’t easy, but it’s not hard to find. Hearts may be broken, but they do mend in time." Lyrically, the words are straight from the heart and express a desire for change.

"We Can Forgive" is an uplifting and empowering song that acknowledges the power of faith. This inspirational song is timeless. With an outstanding vocal performance over a beautiful piano-centered track with lush orchestration and a nice groove, "We Can Forgive", by Kenneith Perrin has universal appeal. Kenneith Perrin is an artist who can reach the masses with his inspirational message set to a highly memorable hook based on faith and hope, heard through his healing and heartfelt vocal performance. Connect on Facebook.

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