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Kenneith Perrin - 'Everything'

Review by Pat Joseph & Staff

Kenneith Perrin is an inspirational pop/soul singer-songwriter who aims to spread joy and encouragement through his music. While his music varies in genres, the Christian based lyric themes come through loud and clear. His song "Everything" is timeless.

Listeners will feel a timeless energy in “Everything” as Perrin glides over a classic gospel/soul rhythm section with comfort and ease. This is an uplifting song that makes the listener feel good from the start. From the opening bass notes and vocal riffing, one feels at home in the sounds of "Everything." A funky syncopated guitar and driving drums come together to create a constant motion which is mirrored my Perrin’s quick moving lyrics and inspired vocal runs.

Lyrically, “Everything” describes faith through the lens of gratitude. “I know that every day, when I wake up I’ve got to say, You give me Everything.” There are also thoughtful insights s which provide an opportunity for reflection.“Perception is a mirror of disguise.” And of course, affirmations of faith “I want to keep it moving, get it on the train ‘cause I know that you, give me everything.”

“Everything” also delivers surprises in the form of a flute solo and a fantastic vocal “layering” section which builds to a tremendous intensity. Through all of this, the song never loses its foundational roots as a feel-good, inspirational faith message.

The classic feel of the rhythm section, along with Perrin’s complete command over his vocal expression elevates this song. “Everything” will move you to dance, feel, and reflect on gratitude at the same time.

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