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Kelly Lynn Madison - 'Can I Love You Now'

By Brandon Watts & Staff

Kelly Lynn Madison was born in Auburn, Indiana, with music-loving parents who would often play the guitar and sing in the evenings, the perfect environment for a young artist to fall in love with music. Now living in Oregon, Madison creates music that resonates with her fan-base, writing songs from real-life experiences. Her main influences come from classic country with a hint of soul and a little rock. ​ Kelly Lynn has been performing on stage for years and her live shows are full of energy and spirit with songs that make you want to get up and dance. Her single, "Can I Love You Now' will give you a multitude of reasons to fall in love with Kelly Lynn Madison's songs.

“Can I Love You Now” brings a bit of country twang and combines it with a pop sensibility that anyone can relate to. Ambient synth followed by rich vocalizes from Kelly open the track soon greeted by swooning, reverberant electric guitar and steady bass.

Progressing, the percussion enters pumping energy into the track.

Kelly's vocals are both sultry and smokey, and pristine and pure making for a vocal performance that combines the best of country, pop, and rock. Background vocals make for a nice addition to the song, giving it a country-pop flavor. The verses utilize catchy melodies to tell her love story, but the song truly shines in the chorus. With a dynamic and unforgettable melody, Kelly Lynn pours her emotion onto the track every time she sings,

“I can I love you now, cause I’ve already been spoken for Should I do without You’ve got my heart pinned to the floor and I don’t know what a night with you would put me through But we both already knew”

"Can I Love You Now" is about love and temptation. It's about falling for someone even when you are already spoken for. The honest lyrics capture the complex emotions of mentally giving in to your desires and already knowing the outcome. “Can I Love You Now”, Kelly Lynn's newest single, showcases her infectious songwriting craft and alluring, radio-ready vocals. Make sure to give this track a listen and check out the new music video for the song below!

For more information on Kelly Lynn Madison, please visit her website.

Listen on Spotify.


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