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KCO - 'Don't Get Lost'

Review by Anthony Nguyen & Staff

The artist KCO approaches his music with the aim to inspire, change, and motivate anyone who can relate to his message. He reaches out to people from ALL walks of life – poor or rich, believers or non-believers, young or old – "it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve come from. What matters is where you’re going." His song "Don't Get Lost" embodies his philosophy and showcases his undeniable talent.

Brimming with creativity and raw emotion, “Don’t Get Lost” by KCO is a rap song that flips the script with its heavy content. The beat underlying the vocals is very well done. The rhythm section in particular is energetic and keeps the song moving along nicely. The guitars have a fantastic tone and add some needed harmony. Great as the beat may be, the real stars of the shows are clearly the vocals.

The chorus, which is sung, is a certified banger. Every note is visceral in its pain and longing, and to call it catchy would be doing it a great disservice. The rap vocals are also standout. They have a unique “wobbly” sensation, bursting with the same devastating anguish as the chorus, but with more anger. Both are special in their ability to convey the misery of mental illness.

Right from the get go, the powerful chorus grabs you in with not only the catchy melody, but more importantly the passion from vocals. The rap verse is excellently preformed, and the timing is impeccable. The breakdown provides a needed break from the intensity before exploding into the last chorus. The outro, with a diluted beat and isolated vocal is an extremely poignant moment that fits the theme of the song perfectly, and the lyrics provide a gleam of hope to listeners who might be feeling the same despair, “For every dark night, there is a powerful day.” Engaging and important messages combined with passionate performances from the artists make this song something special.

it may come as no surprise the inspiration for this song came from mental health awareness. But what makes “Don’t Get Lost” so special is that it can actually make you feel those emotions. Any songwriter or producer will tell you, THAT is what makes music special. KCO’s ability to make listeners experience the idea of mental health is a monumental achievement. The lyricsJust look at Mac Miller and Robin Will. Yeah, it'll try to rob and kill your joy, but don't let it destroy yah” paint a difficult, but very real picture of how these issues can take over lives, but also adds rays of hope with lines like “just want you to know that someone out there adores yah”.

Don’t Let Go” is brilliant achievement in songwriting, touching on important topics and a world class performances from the artist.

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