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Kay Soul - 'Silly Love'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Kay Soul is an amazing singer-songwriter and a beautiful, sought-after model based in Chicago. After taking a year for growth and self reflection, Kay Soul is releasing singles that express her experiences and insights. Kay strives to promote positivity and faith through her songs. Through powerful, soulful and emotionally-rich vocals, Kay's music is an authentic journey of self-expression through tough times. Previously nominated for a Chicago Independent Music Award for Best R&B Singer, Kay has released multiple singles, a mix tape, her debut EP Deeper and full-length album Hiding in Plain Sight. She has performed at several high-profile events including headlining at Elbo Room Chicago and Underground Wonder Bar, the Silver Room Block Party, Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City, and she sang The National Anthem at the NBA. Kay Soul has been a featured artist in numerous publications including Luxe Kurves Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, American Pride Magazine and Indie Music Plus. Kay Soul was listed as an Artist to Watch by 716 Live magazine and become the first featured artist on the Canadian based music-streaming platform, Whoozl. Kay is currently working on her new album "In My Mind" hoping to encourage others to find beauty in their broken spaces.

Kay Soul's latest single "Silly Love" is anything but silly; the song is soulful and sophisticated, poignant and powerful. "Silly Love" commences with a electronic ambience with light percussive beats against arpeggiated piano. Kay Soul sings an expressive vocalese over the pristine and well-produced mix. Produced by Mr. Double Beats, the track has a pensive vibe against a mid-tempo groove. As a deep and resonating sub-bass drops, Kay Soul sings, "You ever been a baby maybe maybe baby? Hoping for the times when he would make you his lady? Wanna be down wanna be down for him." Kay Soul has an extraordinary and captivating vocal presence. At once she is genuine and soulful, unafraid to show her vulnerability. In "Silly Love" Kay Soul showcases a smmoth and expressive vesatility, in both song and rap.

Written and arranged by Kay Soul, "Silly Love" hits top marks for chartability. The chorus is highly memorable and will stick with you long after you've heard it with only two simple words, "Silly Love", that say it all. Kay Souls captures the essence of a love that beneath your dignity and, with these two words, she puts that unworthy love in it's rightful place.

Lryically, "Silly Love" is an anthem for every women who has lowered their standards to gain love. "Silly Love" stands out as a self-worth anthem with a remarkable perspectives. The song replaces anger and bitterness with a throughtful resolve that comes from a place of introspection, growth and self-awareness that allows Kay Soul to reflect on the silly love that silly men won't get from her anymore. This is the mature anthem women have been waiting for.

"The reality baby girl is you will never be the one Satisfied with someone who only wants you for the physical The depth of who you are So broad bright and beautiful You will never be happy only being seen in that light."

"Silly Love" ends with Kay Soul, stating directly, "I don’t want this no more. I want a love that’s all my own. No more Silly Love." In declaring her self-worth and what she wants and deserves, Kay Soul has written her best song to date. With a direct hook that says it all, a radio-ready track that pensively grooves, and a vulnerable, yet strong vocal performance, Kay Soul is a serious contender, and an artist to watch, in todays R & B music scene. Stream on Spotify.

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