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Kay Soul - 'Blood in my Veins"

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Kay Soul is a singer, songwriter, poet, role model and plus fashion model based in Chicago. Kay was nominated for 'Best R&B Singer' at the Chicago Independent Music Awards. As an in-demand performer, she was a featured artist at the 2019 Curves Beautifully Empowered Women's Conference. She also headlined at Elbo Room Chicago and Underground Wonder Bar, the Silver Room Block Party, and Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City. Kay Soul was also honored to sing The National Anthem at the NBA match-up between Milwaukee and Orlando. Kay is an 'Artist to Watch' ( 716 Live Magazine) and is the first featured artist on the Canadian based music-streaming platform, Whoozl. Her forthcoming album, In My Mind, encourages others to find beauty in their broken spaces. Released in advance of the album titled Beautiful and Broken, "Blood In My Veins" is an outstanding song. A dark, ominous throbbing begins this expressive piece of music, alerting the listener that something unique has just come on the radio. Before long, Kay Soul introduces us to crisp drums, over-driven guitar, groovy bass, passionate organ, and her own soulful, powerful voice. Every piece of the song grabs your attention and doesn’t let it go. Every new section seems to yield new sounds, new textures, and new levels of intensity.

Lyrically, “Blood in my Veins” soulfully expresses the story of someone who has been through hell and emerged even stronger than before. Kay Soul creates a message that empowers and inspires, crafting phrases that are designed to hit home and bring about change. One can tell by the artist’s delivery that every word comes straight from the heart.

"I wanna tell you a story, a story of me

Tell you ‘bout my life before a street called Green See I been going through since a very little girl

Born at the bottom with a tattered old soul"

Kay Soul has used music as a vessel to congregate her pain and manifest utter courage and strength. Anyone listening to “Blood in my Veins” will immediately understand the passion that is evident in this song. To go along with the compelling message is a catchy, unique, and masterfully produced mix that leaves you speechless by the time the song is through. Listen on Spotify.

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