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Kay Soul – ‘Blood in My Veins'

Review By Matt Wong & Staff

Kay Soul is a singer, songwriter, poet and plus model based in Chicago. Her work has garnished positive industry recognition with a Nomination for 'Best R&B Singer' at the Chicago Independent Music Awards. As a performer, Kay Soul was a featured musical performer at the 2019 Curves Beautifully Empowered Women's Conference. She has headlined at Elbo Room Chicago and Underground Wonder Bar, the Silver Room Block Party, and Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City. Kay Soul was also honored to sing The National Anthem at the NBA match-up between Milwaukee and Orlando. Kay was listed as an 'Artist to Watch' by 716 Live Magazine and became the first featured artist on the Canadian based music-streaming platform, Whoozl. Her forthcoming album, In My Mind, encourages others to find beauty in their broken spaces. Released in advance of the album, "Blood In My Veins", is a great way to get acquainted with Kay's undeniable talent.

“Blood in My Veins” begins by getting the listeners heart pumping with layers of synth patches and the beat. Kay’s rich vocals immediately captivate listeners before moving into the first verse. Throughout the song, Kay demonstrates not only the sheer power of her voice, but also her overall talent with control, finesse, and impressive dynamic range.

Kay’s vocal arrangement is well thought out, and nicely enhances and lifts the melody. On the production side, A. Smith has designed a sonic platform for Kay’s vocals to shine that is full of attitude, and energy, and pushes a unique sound for R&B music. The song’s mix is well done, and listeners will be able to enjoy every nuance that went into this well-conceived arrangement.

The lyrics in “Blood in My Veins” tell the story of triumph over tragedy. In this song, Kay opens up about her own broken pieces through honest lyrics such as “Born at the bottom with a tattered old soul” and “Tell you bout the things that been done wrong.” By injecting her own experiences into this song, Kay invites listeners to connect to her lyrics and find beauty in their broken spaces. Her lyrics are heartfelt and authentic. Listeners will be uplifted by her journey.

“Blood in My Veins” by Kay Soul is a song filled with excitement, energy, and attitude, while telling a reflective story through outstanding, meaningful lyrics. Kay’s impeccable vocal ability allows her to deliver the passionate performance that listeners will experience in this song, and connect listeners to her story in her lyrics. This song is well written, and combined with the outstanding production that brought it to life, and a vocal performance that captivates at every turn, "Blood In My Veins" is an example of top notch music making by an exceptional artist.

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