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  • Bryon Harris

Kay Miracle - 'Devil Get Thee Behind Me'

Review by Sylvie Marie

Kay Miracle's "Devil Get Thee Behind Me' opens with a flash of an acoustic guitar strum that sets the stage for a proclamation to the devil. Immediately following the strong chord strum comes Kay Miracle's vocal entrance, full of confidence and conviction.

"Devil Get Thee Behind Me. You ain't ridin' shotgun no more." Kay's voice is as grounded as the song. She sounds strong and powerful with a tone that exudes a bluesy swagger that oozes over your whiskey glass with a southern gospel swamp. It's like molasses for your ears as Kay sings as naturally as can be, inviting listeners to hang back with her and enjoy the ride.

After she puts the Devil in his place, the music grows into a full-bodied acoustic Americana number that makes you want to get out of your seat and dance the devil away. Kay has a great sense of rhythm that is heard in her free-stylin' syncopated guitar strumming that cuts through the badlands like a train on the tracks. Against light percussion, this song swings. Mid-way there's a tasty guitar solo that brightens the palette.

Lyrically, the devil is how you define it. It could be some bad omens, something that haunts you from your past, or bad blood in your genes- whatever it is, Kay's song is about breaking free from those chains. Themes include stealing, raising hell, drinking moonshine, and doing wicked things. As Kay sings about these ailments, she somehow puts a smile on your face as you join her in recognizing that we all have a little devil in our lives that we have to kick to the curb.

Raising hell was an old family tradition,

I'll be my Daddy's daughter til the day I die...

Here's a great unplugged version of the song:

One thing is for sure - Kay Miracle can write a song with a hook you'll keep in your back pocket. And if you need to pull out a song about getting rid of demons, she's got a great one. Whatever your devil is, Kay Miracle's "Devil Get Thee Behind Me" is the perfect antidote. Filled with just the right amount of sass and style, "Devil Get Thee Behind Me" will have you singing along and leaving your troubles behind. For more information on Kay Miracle or to check out her recorded song version, please visit her website.


Kay Miracle is an Americana Singer-Songwriter and Creative Facilitator using music for healing. Her musical journey has led her to tour the world on USO tours and travel from East to West as a train troubadour telling her stories in song. Kay's mission is to raise women's voices through song and her music has been featured on TeXchromosome Women's radio, PBS, and Inside the Story for her work with Veterans.


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