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Katie Belle - 'The Best You’ll Ever Have'

Review by Tempestas Ink

It is not every day that one is likely to find a non-EDM pop number, comprising purely electronic sounds (bar the vocals), that lingers in one’s mind, long after the first listen. It is quite amazing what splendid numbers can be churned out, merely by sticking to the basics. One such example attesting to the above traits would be “The Best You’ll Ever Have”, Katie Belle’s first offering of 2023.

Part feisty, part dark, part foot-tapping, and part contemplative – but energetic throughout – the lyrical themes grapples at the notion of resorting to unorthodox methods to gain one’s attention – namely breaking up. And the creative decision to have an electronic arrangement produced over Belle’s vocals splendidly complements the lyrical themes, courtesy Fabio Campedelli’s highly stylized yet minimalistic production, reminiscent of the works of Finneas and Calvin Harris.

The anacrusis, and the verse’s melody – as performed by the synth – which functions as the major counterpoint in tandem with the vocals, all serve the song extremely well. In the key of F minor, the song follows the traditional “2 verse-1 chorus-1 bridge” formula, and does it well, for which the lyrical themes are to be credited. But it is Katie Belle’s vocals – highly evocative of Katy Perry – that prove to be the X-factor for this particular number. Named among 2022’s Artists To Watch by Rolling Stone, Belle’s impressive vocals go as low as Eb2 (the E-flat below the middle C) and provide the necessary zing to make the song sound feisty and dark simultaneously. Notice, for instance, the rendition of the very catchily written and rendered “Thought I didn’t mean it when I told you I was leaving, I know”. This purposeful energy is masterfully rendered throughout the song in addition to the luscious lows and the climactic highs of the final chorus, where the vocal counterpoint provides the epic element needed to round off the number.

With “The Best You’ll Ever Have”, Katie Belle has begun her 2023 on a grand note. Just about every single important element of the song – right from the choice of key and theme, through the structure and arrangement, to the vocals and mix – works in absolute congruency with each other, for the listener to gauge and to engage. More than worth the three minutes and seventeen seconds of the listener’s duration, this song is a winner!


About Katie Belle

Katie Belle is a multi-talented American pop artist, singer-songwriter, model, and actor who is making waves in the music industry. She is also a voting member of The Recording Academy, which is a testament to her musical prowess. Belle has been busy refining her songwriting skills in both Atlanta and LA, and her hard work is paying off. In fact, she was recently named as a 2022 Artist to Watch in Rolling Stone's July-August edition. Belle's latest single, "The Best You'll Ever Have," which she wrote and composed with Producer Fabio Campedelli, is set to be released in 2023. With a contemporary vibe and Belle's impressive vocals, this song is a must-add to any playlist. In addition to her upcoming single, Belle has been focusing on writing new songs, recording in the studio, and performing live. She has both a solo acoustic act and a band, which allows her to showcase her versatility as an artist. Her fall 2022 release, "Next Ex," produced by Fabio Campedelli and WarnerMusic-Italy, has been receiving rave reviews. The track is described as stylish, featuring Belle's sensual and breathy voice delivering deeply penetrating hooks set to a modern beat design highlighted by trap-inspired high-hats and booming 808 bass. The track is beautifully colored by wobbly lo-fi keys and saturated guitars, which make it a truly unique listening experience. Belle's summer 2022 release, "DON'T," is another original song that showcases her feisty vocals and real groove sound. The song inspires a liberating vibe with undertones of sass, all supported by fun dance beats. This track is a must-add to anyone's summer playlist. "DON'T" is a great follow-up to Belle's highly popular April 2022 release, "Now That I Know," which is an upbeat, snappy tune with energy and metaphorical lyrics in a classic "end of story" relationship song. Belle's 2021 releases of "DAUGHTER" and "BACK To California" were also well-received, with digital streams for her releases surpassing one million. Overall, 2021 was a successful year for Belle, and she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. For more information about Katie, please visit her website.


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