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Katie Belle - 'Out Tonight'

Review written by Ionas Finser & Staff

“Out Tonight” opens with a relaxed guitar progression to set the tone for Katie Belle’s first verse. Belle’s voice is smooth and flexible, gliding through our ears like honey and piercing through to the heart like an arrow from Cupid. The artist leaves us starstruck as subtle percussion turns into crisp hi-hat rolls, high-impact kicks and tight snares to start the Chorus.

The producer of “Out Tonight” was aware of the fact that a good use of space is the key to a radio-ready masterpiece. An expert use of panning and reverb creates a world one can almost reach out and touch. Center to our ears are the beautifully delivered lyrics Katie Belle projects. The lyrics speak to the journey Belle takes to move on from the tormenting thoughts of past lovers and enjoy a night out in complete freedom.

The artist uses her words to inspire contagious self-confidence and lively contempt.

“You’re too close, might overdose / Take a hit I’m the one you want the most / Taste the words, let em slur, / Sip the flame down like the way it burn”

Katie Belle has created a song that is perfect for the dance floor, yet also acts as a refreshing anthem one can belt out while cruising down the highway.

Step inside the world of “Out Tonight,” and experience the freeing sensation of masterful music and catchy lyrics. It’s time for the music industry to move back and watch as Katie Belle does her thing.


About Katie Belle

Katie Belle is an American singer-songwriter. 2019 started off with a “gold ticket” to Hollywood for S17 American Idol. Katie received her pass to Hollywood with her rendition of Jennifer Hudson’s version of “Golden Slumber.” Luke Bryan literally fell out of his chair as the three judges gave Katie her pass to Hollywood week! It all started in 3rd grade, when Katie sang in the spotlight for her school choir and by the time she was in 4th grade, she was performing solo’s in school plays and church. At the age of 12 she wrote her first song penned on a hotel napkin titled “Born For This.”. Spending time crafting her songwriting style first with country influences and transitioning to a more pop sound of late, Katie is influenced by contemporary pop artists, classic rock, and classic country.

Katie released, “American Wild” in 2017, and accumulative streams and music video views exceed 550k. 2018 saw the release of “Promises”, followed by a chill R&B release, “Down For You.” “WAS” released the first quarter of 2019 is trending well and has gone over the 300k streams. Her second release of 2019 , "Out Tonight", is an electro pop bop tune; it has hit a new milestone for Katie with over 450K streams to date and was selected for National Indie Radio's BEST Songs of 2019 in the pop category.

Katie recently landed a featured article in Modern Luxury’s Jezebel April/May edition, the article titled “Double Duty” explores Katie’s singing and modeling career. Katie has graced the runways of NYFW, NOFW, Miami Beach week and more. She can be seen in MORPHE cosmetics campaign for “Fluidity” foundation and commercial print work for the 48 chain boutique Fab’rik. Katie will tell you she is open to all opportunities in the entertainment industry! Luke Bryan quoted at her American Idol gold ticket audition she was the… “Gisele of Georgia”. Katie's modeling and singing parallel one another and provide continual inspiration for her music! Katie’s favorite social media is Instagram, you will find her on all the popular sites where she is very active posting and chatting with fans.

For more information on Katie Belle, please visit her website.

Listen on Spotify or SoundCloud.


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