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Katie Belle feat. Corleone - 'Back to California'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

“Back to California” by Katie Belle feat. Corleone is a golden pop anthem, shimmering with the carefree vibes of sunny, fleeting love.

“Back to California” radiates summer bliss, opening into a buoyant track ______. Warm, bell-like tones lay the foundation for airy vocoder synths that twinkle in the high end of the track, creating an immediately light feel. Katie Belle’s voice is clear and bright, flourishing at the forefront of this sunny track. With a subtle, echoing reverb illuminating her words, there is a dreamlike quality to Belle’s vocals, adding to the ambience of “Back to California”. You can hear the memories blossoming behind her voice as she sings of youthful summer lust and carefree living:

“Staring into the sky

West coast time

Summer love in July…”

Belle’s melodies are transfixing, traveling up into a floating, higher register that sustains the lofty vibe of the track.

While Katie Belle’s vocals are free and soaring, Corleone’s rap verse adds a solid pulse to the effervescence of “Back to California”. His low-toned voice compliments the lively pop beat, allowing the rosy instrumentals to glide around him as he raps. Corleone’s flow is smooth and fluid, the rhythm of his carefree words a mesmerizing counterpart to the airiness of the track. The radiant charm of this rap verse launches us perfectly into the refrain, almost as if Corleone and Katie Belle are talking to one another:

“There ain’t no city by the sea, that I’d rather see

I’m with my babe by the bay, I hope she stay with me…”

Refreshing lighthearted, “Back to California” is a pop gem, ready to hit the radio. With the combination of Katie Belle’s clear, bubbly vocals and Corleone’s steady rap, this song should be blasting on every road trip this summer.

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About Katie Belle Katie Belle is an American singer - songwriter. Kicking off 2021 Katie is focused on finishing up tracks written throughout 2020. Katie and her producers Josquin Des Pres (California) are pulling together tunes which highlight Katie’s raspy vocals. Now in the mixing/mastering stage the tunes are supported by pop beats, a little bit of trap-(honing to her southern roots,) and a little bit of that! Katie is an avid songwriter and several of the tracks are her originals. The summer starts off with the July 11th release of “Back To California” which features Rapper Corleone. A real take on west coast vibes filled with energy and the silvery vocals Katie is known for.

Katie released 2 originals during 2020. Her first single release of the year was in March, “Love Someone” (songwriters: Katie Belle & Kipp Williams). Love Someone is an endearing song about the back and forth of relationships. She followed up with a fall release, “Carrousel” (songwriters: Katie Belle & Nathan Levingston). “Carrousel” is a dreamy track with haunting vocals and a calming, mesmerizing melody. Both singles have performed well digitally solidifying a strong and growing fan base. When Katie is not songwriting or doing studio work she is busy as Lead Female Vocalist for “Color the Night”. The Band plays college campuses, Black Tie Events and Corporate Parties.

For more information on Katie Belle, please visit her website.


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