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KALO - Eyes Shut

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Eyes Shut” is a gritty and driving piece of music. Infectious attitude is everywhere on this track that features exceptional writing and execution. KALO and her band’s performance is simultaneously dialed-in and raw, resulting in a huge vibe and an undeniable energy.

The vocal track is expressive and powerful while the rhythm section expertly delivers controlled chaos. High production values and a global commitment to quality makes this music truly shine.

Lyrically, “Eyes Shut” is rhetorical and intense.

“I’m driving with my eyes shut Looking for a way out, Some distractions they will come and go.”

KALO’s vocal delivery is extremely engaging and dripping with star power.

“Who’s to say, Who’s to say what is right.”

The rebellious and non-conformist nature of these lyrics will serve as catalysts for thought in listeners.

The arrangement of “Eyes Shut” is phenomenal. The dynamic swells are expertly done, starting with drums and bass in the first verse and exploding into a massive chorus. The bridge is unexpected and satisfying, providing depth and context while elevating the rest of the tune. Courageous and emotive lead guitar playing places the icing on the cake. For so many reasons, “Eyes Shut” will deservedly demand your attention. Listen on Spotify


About Kalo

Sexy guitar. Infectious rhythms. Smoky vocals. KALO is groovesome rhythm and blues meets fiery rock ‘n’ roll. Israeli guitarist, singer and songwriter Bat-Or Kalo fronts her eponymous band and also travels and tours the U.S. and Israel solo (wearing only her last name and her vintage Gibson electric guitar). Fiery, unbridled and electrifying, KALO’s guitar chops and contralto voice are a force like none other.

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