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  • Bryon Harris

K.O.A. - 'Our Last'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

The soft strumming of acoustic guitar and somber vocals bolstered by accents of echoing and pitched background vocals set a melancholy timbre for the beginning of K.O.A.’s “Our Last.” As the song builds, the arrangement picks up with the addition of deep sub bass and hip-hop style drum-beat.

Throughout the verses, the duo trade off on heart-broken verses about hopeless relationships that leave them overthinking or stuck in an emotional rut. Each story told in a verse is tied together by the hook with the common theme of them thinking it will be the last time they will be together.

“Next time I’ll tell you right away / Fuck it, starting now, yeah baby by the way / Look the way you keep me holding on I kind of hate / And I really meant to tell you that the other day / But fuck up what we got no way / I move too fast its always the same pace / Never the same face they worry about me / And I don’t know why but I kind of realized / It might be our last…”

Overall, the arrangement keeps it simple and real, yet the duo's emotionl vocal performance and the pristine production work are dynamic keeping your ears locked in during the verses and once the hook hits, the infectious vibes can’t be ignored.

K.O.A give you a reason to listen to them again and again with records like “Our Last.” Make sure to give the track a listen and check out their other tunes as well!

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About K.O.A.

2 brothers (Austin and Jagger Spacy) were born in Chandler, Arizona. Austin made his way to the San Fernando Valley as a professional dancer at 17 years old. His credits range from music videos, movies, commercials, and most known for touring with Taylor Swift on the 1989 World Tour. While Austin was in LA, Jagger made the decision to turn down playing college basketball for music. During the time Austin was on tour, Jagger signed to MMG (Timbaland's management) in 2015. While pursuing their individual careers, it didn't take long for them to realize they wanted to do something together. Jagger made the move to LA and Austin turned down another tour with Taylor to make the jump. After 5 long ass years of making trash songs in their garage (or any studio they could get into), screaming into USB mics, dishwashing at Cheesecake and going broke; K.O.A. was born.

For more information on K.O.A., check out their Website!

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