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Justin Faye - 'Get the Kick'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

“Get the Kick” sounds like a party. Justin Faye’s boisterous production and spirited vocals are fueled by a driving central force full of electronic tones and sharp synths.The most striking aspects of Faye’s lively song is the eccentric layering of instruments within the arrangement that supports the vocals. Wavy synths flow through a smooth current beneath a bluntly pulsing bass, creating a balance of ambience and momentum as the song opens. The mix then explodes into a wondrous cacophony of arpeggiating keys, thrilling drums, and contrasting rhythmic patterns. There are endless melodies flowing in out of focus, layered within the colorful array of instruments and establishing an endlessly captivating track.

Although bolstered by the enthralling track, Faye’s vocals tell their own story. He sings through a seductive tale, building off of the excitement of the production. His rhythmic lines add another layer of percussive patterns into the arrangement, seamlessly blending in, yet standing out with Faye’s steamy lyrics:

“Every time I am in bed with you

I feel as if i am going to the moon…”

As if the original release of “Get the Kick” wasn’t already jam-packed with enough excitement, Justin Faye additionally released an electrifying remix. The remix of “Get the Kick” builds upon the punchy synths and electronic textures of the original, digging into these sounds to create the perfect biting production to be blasting in a dance club.

In the remix, he utilizes space masterfully in this re-work of the track to create the punchy beat, sometimes cutting notes from his vocals in line with the pulse of the drums to accentuate the rhythmic hits. Faye had already concocted a catchy pop hit with the original production of “Get the Kick”, but this remix took the energy to new heights, making it perfectly dynamic and fitting for a club setting.

“Get the Kick” embodies adrenaline, rippling with contagious energy. Faye’s sharp vocal lines and layers of lively production infuse both versions of this pop song with pure, compelling energy.


About Justin Faye

Justin Faye is an Independent POP, R&B/SOUL Singer-Songwriter-Composer-Guitarist. Originally from Senegal where he was surrounded by world rhythms, Justin Faye began learning music at an early age when his father began teaching him vocal techniques.

Since moving on to Denver, Colorado in the USA, he has gone on to release a number of singles; his latest being "Bree Tree", " Get The Kick Club Mix", Diamond In The Mud, "Get The Kick Remix" and " Let Me Smoke Your Sweet Lips, Again ". Faye's previous music releases were produced by Mark Berry, whose extensive production, engineering & remixing talents has earned him 36 international gold and platinum records for such notable Grammy & Juno nominated musical icons as David Bowie, Duran Duran, Yes, Boy George, Billy Idol, Kool & The Gang, Cameo, Carly Simon, Joan Jett & many, many more. Also, Justin Faye scored 1 Finalist and 4 Semi Finalists in 5 different categories in The 2020 UKSC / United Kingdom Songwriting Contest ! "Diamond In The Mud" written & composed by Justin Faye is Finalist in the RnB / Urban Category.

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