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Justin Fancy - "Think About You"

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Think About You” is the latest single from country music artist, Justin Fancy. Fancy hails from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada where he has spent the last 12 years relentless touring the regional music scene. "Think About You" is Fancy's second single, released in advance of his upcoming album. His first single, "Long Time Comin'" has already been picked up by more than 30 country radio stations nationwide. "Think About You" is also gaining momentum with critical acclaim and almost 6,000 video views since it's inception. One listen to Justin's new music is all it takes to understand his popularity.

"Think About You" begins with a moving combination of acoustic guitar and mandolin playing the hook supported by bass, drums and electric guitar. Fancy’s naturally pleasing vocals slide in on the first verse over the intro hook which continues. A nice slide guitar lick delivers into chorus which introduces well-placed background vocals to the mix.

Coming out of the chorus, the song’s dynamics increase a notch with heavier guitars joining in. Some cool stop time figure break up the song and give it artistic space and rhythm. The song ends with a contrasting double chorus,which scales back in intensity before building back up to peak dynamics. Throughout the song, Fancy delivers a thoughtful and expressive performance that comes from the heart.

The lyrics in “Think About You” are about a past relationship that had good and bad days, but ultimately did not work out. On a deeper level, lyrics such as “When the rain falls, when the sky falls, when the leaves fall, I think about you” relates to thinking about the other person as the seasons pass even though life has moved on. Fancy's refreshing lyrics are reflective and ripe. He has put time and thought into the story, and the result is a song that captures a love that, even at the end, is not bitter.

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“Think About You” by Justin Fancy is a very well-written song showcasing a rising talent in the national country music idiom. Fancy’s sound is unique, but it is clear that he is respecting and carrying on the country music tradition in his music. The arrangement serves the song well, and the performance on this song is top notch. If you are looking for a country song about love and loss that is honest without bitterness or remorse, "Think About You" will give you music to love and lyrics to 'think about' for a long time.

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