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JuiceThaBlackBeethoven - 'The Heart of Christmas'

Review by Abby Kenna

“The Heart of Christmas” begins with a light piano intro, soft and twinkling like snow on the ground. Subtle instrumental elements add extra festive flair, like distant bells ringing. The vocals are sweet and stirring, delicately beginning this Christmas tale. Full-bodied strings float beneath the lead vocals, growing in symphonic waves that rise and fall with the emotion of the melody.

One element that stands out about Juice’s writing is the way the composition strengthens the feelings described in the lyrics. The chorus embodies this quality, showcasing the fulfilling love and tenderness of Christmastime through the combined effort of the instrumentals and lyrics. At the peak of their dynamics, the strings sweep across the soundscape, bolstering the nostalgic feel with their symphonic spirit. A vocal harmony joins in with the lead, highlighting the chorus’ passionate lyrics:

“I just wanna find the heart of Christmas… childhood times that I’ve treasured.”

Acting as the foundation for each of these elements, the piano cascades within the center of the mix, traversing arpeggiated chords with sentimentality and warmth.

The bridge especially adds to the dynamic nature of “The Heart of Christmas” by diverging from the usual progression and momentarily embracing a more turbulent arrangement. Low, driving piano arpeggios, swaying string hits, and gleaming bells meld together to create a compelling, captivating climax of the story. The vocals soar to new heights, full of passion and fervor to find the love they once felt:

“That kind of Christmas used to delight me, now I’ve grown up and it doesn’t excite me…”

Juice brings listeners on a journey with “The Heart of Christmas”, allowing us to realize what lies at the heart of our Christmas alongside the narrator. Bursting with festivity and poignant musicality, “The Heart of Christmas” is a lovely addition to holiday classics.


About JuiceThaBlackBeethoven JuiceThaBlackBeethoven is a classically-trained pianist, third-generation musician, who loves to rock and roll on the piano, as well as praise God in church. He feels that he is CALLED to write songs and music to INSPIRE the world. Juice is a Gold Medal, W.A.M (We are the Music Makers) award winner. Juice credits his Godly parents who were also musicians and music teachers who showed him the way to musical creativity..His music can be found on Soundcloud.


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