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JRtheBand - 'Stray Dog'

Review by Anthony Nguyen & Staff

JRtheBand is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and composer of modern rock anthems. Channeling a diverse and eclectic range of influences, JR's mission is to find common ground among us and keep rock alive. Under the surface of his sound, fans discover stories about complex human emotions. JR just started releasing original songs in late Summer 2019, and he already has a formidable fanbase. JR reached 23,500 plays on Spotify with his top song "Not the Enemy" garnishing over 5,000 plays. On YouTube, he has hit 415K views with 570+ subscribers. His lyric videos have been very popular with four lyric videos each having 100+ likes. On social media, JR's loyal fanbase is growing with equally impressive numbers. Oen way to get acquainted to his talent and appeal is to check out his original song "Stray Dog."

Brimming with charisma and an infectiously upbeat personality “Stray Dog” by JRtheBand is set to become the poster child on how to craft an excellent rock song. The acoustic guitar is a steady force throughout the song. Energetic as all hell, it glues the song together. The rhythm section is very tight. The drums and bass have a nice synergy that gives the rest of the song and instruments a rock solid foundation to lie upon. JR absolutely nails the vocals, every lyric is filled with emotional intention and raw charisma. Ranging from breathy and intimate to outright belting, JR manages to navigate these rocky waters with relative ease.

The song wastes no time getting into its' groove. The first verse does a good job grabbing the listener in with its catchy melody. As for the pre chorus it performs its role perfectly of being a palate cleanser for the knockout chorus. In the bridge/outro there is a nice slide guitar addition that is a welcome surprise for listeners, which leads into a masterful guitar solo. Technically excellent while maintaining that rock energy, be prepared to have your head bobbing along the whole time. There is some serious arranging and producing chops being displayed throughout the song also. Guitar, drum and bass filles sprinkled throughout ensure there is never a dull moment.

Every one knows that dreadful feeling of losing touch with a friend, family member or whoever it may be due to time, distance, or very commonly their own egotistical hubris. Some of the lyrics that perfectly portray this theme are “Long time coming and it's gonna be longer, Pictures only make the heart grow fonder…” It really tugs at that visceral and emotionally vulnerable memory that all of us have, and JR masterfully conveys this touchy theme with a powerful song.

With a fantastic performance from the band and superb arranging, “Stray Dog” by JRtheBand is a standout achievement in songwriting and performance.

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