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JR - 'Slide'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

JR is an independent artist originally from Connecticut. Now based in California, he is working on his music tirelessly and releasing new music every month. With an extremely diverse discography, he has sounds for every type of listener to enjoy. His music is has universal themes that everyon can relate to, whether it's about relationships, trying to make it in the music or life in general, listeners will hear topics that we deal with on a daily basis.

JR’s “Slide” is a quick bop off of his Spacing Out mixtape. The song kicks off with pulsing bass and layers of melodic synths, before the tag from producer Beat Demons, and the beat drops in.

JR enters with a modern, sleek sound as he works his way through smooth, melodic phrases with a catchy flow. Expressing passion in each bar, throughout each section of the song he talks about wanting to be with someone and the inspiration he gets from beings with them.

“You acting shy when I’m gassing you, feel desire coming And when you’re acting with confidence I’m inspired from it We running up in the game now You were in a position you never feeling the same now You’re vibing with it you’re getting used to the change now.”

With the track running at 1:44, you’ll be able to play it over and over again after getting hooked on its upbeat, infectious vibes. JR has a radio-ready sound that has mass appeal. With "Slide", he shows his talent for writing a catch-phrase that really sticks with you and a track you never get tired of hearing.

"Vibe" is the perfect track to throw into your summer playlist. With it's mellow vibe and modern production, the song will remind you of how it feels to just connect with someone. JR's smooth and contagiouos flow will have you vibing to the song as soon as you hear it. Make sure to give a listen to JR’s Spacing Out mixtape to get the full context of the track and hear more great tunes from this up-and-coming artist.

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