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Josh Breezzyy - 'Feel Me ft. Breana Marin'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Joshua Brewster, better known by his stage name "Josh Breezzyy," is an American rapper and engineer from Long Island NY, residing in North Carolina. Currently, Josh is the CEO of Independent Record Label, McKnight Records. Josh released Third Dimension (January 17th, 2020) which features artists like Caprot, a long time friend and original McKnight Records artist, along with Breana Marin, LaKeith Rashad, John Concepcion, and Eminem long-time collaborator, Mr. Porter from D-12. Third Dimension is Josh's biggest album to date, garnishing over 90,000 streams in the album's first week. Off the hot new album, "“Feel Me ft. Briana Marin” is sure to get you hooked.

Josh Breezzyy’s “Feel Me ft. Briana Marin” is a heartfelt heavy hitter. Right from the start, the production boasts an energetic sound with a clean mix that is ready to be bumped on the radio.

An upfront chord progression accompanied by a thumping bass, glistening synth accents, and smooth percussion set the tone for the entrance of the smooth, addictive hook from Briana Marin.

Not before long, Josh Breezzyy enters for the first verse with a confident flow as he raps about the successful progression that he has recently made in his life with bars like “Day bed but sometimes I swear the couch bigger / Weird flex/From getting them ill checks / I used to skate by / Now its hard for me to count figures.”

In the second verse, Breezzyy takes things to a more personal level as he raps about having a rough falling out with his mother. The rapper opens up with raw honesty. His pain is genuine. His lyrics and expression exude authenticity. Even while rapping about heavier topics Breezzyy still manages top keep an energetic timber that makes it extremely easy for listeners to connect with his music.

"Feel Me ft. Breana Marin" by Josh Breezzyy is a radio-ready song that is ready to chart. Josh Breezzyy has the voice, the charisma, the tracks, the production, the style, the rhyme, the rhythm, the hooks, and most importantly, the connecting raw honesty and intensity that makes for an artist who can't be ignored. Josh Breezzyy is an artist to watch, listen, and follow as he makes his way to the top. If you have stumbled upon this review, you have stumbled upon a star in the making.


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