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Jon Campos & The Incurables - 'I Can See Clearly'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

An open, hollow guitar begins “I Can See Clearly” with glistening arpeggios. Jon Campos’ expressive voice enters with a mysterious reverberation, bringing the listener fully into the atmosphere of the song. In a way, the entire first verse takes on the role of a build up of tension. This tension is relieved brilliantly in the emotional, freely breathing chorus.

Lyrically, Jon Campos & The Incurables speak to the feeling of loving someone who opens your eyes to the deeper parts of your humanity. The group does a fantastic job demonstrating the power of love through vivid imagery and beautiful phrasing. Ultimately, and despite the preliminary mysterious nature of the song, one is left with a good feeling in one’s heart after listening to “I Can See Clearly.”

"I felt unwanted left for dead Cold and lonely in my head But, you keep whispering it's ok You keep on loving me anyway"

Jon Campos & The Incurables play emotion like it’s an instrument. Their sound is rich and intelligent, as if communicating directly with the listener’s feelings. It is no surprise that this group has created such a beautifully deep, melancholic song that holds a redeeming message of love and compassion.

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About Jon Campos & The Incurables

Jon Campos formed the band in 2015 with a vision of creating epic songs and unforgettable live performances. Jon is the lead vocalist and plays guitar; Ben Drygalski is the lead guitarist; Danny Wasson plays drums and Tyler Johnson plays bass. The band has opened for Puddle of Mud, Adelita's Way, Saving Abel, Ritchie Kotzen, Pat Travers, and more. Jon Campos & The Incurables is touring the coasts and taking the stage by storm.


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