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John McKivergan – "You and Me"

BWH Music Group and World National Indie Radio (WNIR) are hosting 'Songs For Change' radio special during the month of November. Music can influence, and even change, people, movements, and society. Sharing songs about peace and social justice, will ultimately remind the world of the importance of fairness, love and unity. John McKivergan's song "You and Me" is one of the amazing songs that will be featured on this special radio program.

“You and Me” begins with a solemn duet between strings that acts as a stark contrast to the sudden entrance of crunchy, distorted electric guitar, pedaling bass, and rocking drumbeat. Breaking from their groove, the instruments all pulse in unison signaling the start of the first verse. The instrumentals are gripping and dynamic, pulling in listeners before the first word is sung.

As they pull back, the first vocalist enters with a warm soulful timbre that matches their lush dynamic through emotive phrases that listeners can’t pull away from as he sings,

“The video evokes anger how can this be Again, one of color is treated inhumanely The protests try to promote race equality Will this be the time, is there a possibility”

Each verse touches upon the events, emotions, and concerns that we are all facing and urges listeners to set their differences aside and respect and love one another. Driving this message home, the vocalist, who switched off during the verses to voice their concerns, join together at the end for one final chorus.

"The Good Lord loves us all the same / He commands we follow / His path of Love each day / Although it’s easier to point fingers and blame / I will swallow my pride and hear what you have to say / Will you shelve your ego to see what we can be / Can you break down your walls taking a chance to agree / How’s it going to be between you and me.”

“You and Me” features lyrics by John McKivergan, production by Kevin O’Shaughnessy / Trystan Matthews, guitar by Kevin O’Shaughnessy, drums by Clarke LaPlante, and vocals by Jack Fuller and Brent Miller. The musicianship is stellar. The lyrics are profound. "You and Me" is a stirring and spiritual song that provides a recipe for real communicaton and love.

Make sure stay connected with John for updates on more great music.

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About John McKivergan

Writer of Christian and faith based lyrics for Christian Rock and Contemporary Christian music. As a songwriter, collaborate with studio musicians, vocalists, and producers to bring my writing to life. My songs are published and distributed on music websites, internet radio and social media.

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