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John McKivergan - 'In the Beginning'

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Review by Abby Kenna

John McKivergan’s “In the Beginning” is a faith-based dedication driven by a tide of emotion. The song opens with a resonant piano progression, vibrant in its full-bodied bass tones and expansive high notes. This piano introduces the emotional spectrum of “In the Beginning” and remains a grounding piece throughout the song.

Fading in quietly around the outskirts of the piano, orchestral strings wash into the mix in waves. They begin subtle, a gentle layer of additional atmosphere. Then, as the song builds, McKivergan utilizes the string ensemble to fortify his emotional delivery.

In the chorus, the violins shadow the singer’s melody, doubling the musical sound and lyrical power. Lingering in the corners of the arrangement, additional swells of synths echo beneath the main elements, providing the last twinge of ambience to this piece.

“I still remember, in the beginning… I saw the star beaming so bright.”

Kevin O'Shaughnessy, the vocalist, contributes greatly to the faithful sound that sits at the core of “In the Beginning”. O'Shaughnessy is intentional with every aspect of his vocal delivery and composition. The lyrics are ripe with imagery, crafted to incorporate biblical references in a personal, poignant manner.

Laced with passion, McKivergan’s lyrics will be touching to a wide audience while O'Shaughnessy's physical vocal presence strengthens this universality. With articulate enunciation and fervent emphasis, O'Shaughnessy wears his heart on his sleeve with every word uttered. Though his voice is full-bodied, bright and rich, there are moments that are edged with a rasp that expresses his spirit.

“By your majesty, I again see the light of day…”

Grounded by a warm, cinematic arrangement and decorated with meaningful lyricism, John McKivergan’s “In the Beginning” is a heartfelt devotion to faith.


About John McKivergan

John McKivergan is a writer of Christian and faith based lyrics for Christian Rock and Contemporary Christian music. As a songwriter, John collaborates with studio musicians, vocalists, and producers to bring his writing to life. His songs are published and distributed on music websites, internet radio and social media.


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