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John Driskell Hopkins – 'Be My Girl'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

“Be My Girl” begins with an intricate medley of guitars and strings. Sweet, melodic bowed phrases from lead tenor compliment the layers of rhythmic plucking and strumming from guitar and mandolin. John’s soothing baritone vocals enter on the first verse with a rich warm timber that compels listeners to focus on the story he tells in his lyrics.

The mix is pristine, boasting a clear stereo image where each instrument has room to shine without competing with each other or the vocals allowing for even the most delicate details to be heard. Tight upper and lower range vocal harmonies grace the chorus making for a lush vocal section.

This song tells the story of how John found his wife, after being apart and building lives in different cities for years, and how his second chance became his whole future. The verses are poetic and descriptive painting images in your mind as John sings,

“In the arms of gentle beauty / In the throes of auburn hair/I could babble on for hours / And sleep right through your stare/On that corner off of Tharpe Street / Where I used to run and hide / I had visions in our passion / That compel me to decide”

John Driskell Hopkins is simply one of the best Americana artists on the scene today. In "Be My Girl", it is John's storytelling in the verses that generates the powerful chorus, altogether making for a record that moves your soul. “Be My Girl” is off the album "Daylight" which features the incredible, award-winning bluegrass band Balsam Range.

Visit John Driskell Hopkin's website for more great music and information.

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About John Driskell Hopkins

John Driskell Hopkins is a founding and current member of the Zac Brown Band, a producer, and a solo artist with a unique sound that usually includes banjo, fiddle, a powerful rhythm section and his signature baritone voice that can go from Metallica-loud to love-song croon in no seconds flat. As owner of Brighter Shade Studio in Atlanta, GA, John can be found recording regional and national artists in his off time, and always writing new material for his own albums and live shows. He's also been music supervisor, composer, and even acted in multiple indie films including Careful What You Wish For (2017) featuring Nick Jonas and Adolescence (2018) featuring India Eisley.

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